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    What Kind of Progressives Should I Buy?

    Firstly, what are progressive lenses?

    Progressive (multi-focal) lenses gradually blend from Distance Vision to Intermediate Vision to Near Vision, which means there is no line between the zones.

    Any progressive lens design will have a certain amount of area of distortion in the peripheral view, because the lenses transition without a line. There are over 300 types of progressive lenses available, but we focus on just a few of the most common designs.

    Here are the progressive designs we offer on our site:

    No Line Regular Progressive

    To start with, regular progressive lenses are multifocal lenses we we design for you to see clearly at all distances. Because Progressives can be hard to adjust to, these are not recommended for customers who have not worn progressives before.

    Beginner’s Progressive (Easy Adapt)

    This style has a wide near view area and generous distance field, but they are not as precise with your prescription. Only beginners should use these, because we have to pull back on the prescription in order to give you a wider viewing area.

    No Line Office Progressive

    Office Progressives are next on the list. We make these for near vision to up to distance of 14 feet away. Because they are for indoor use only, they cannot be used for driving.

    No Line Computer Progressive

    This progressive design is for intermediate distances up to 4 feet away and then down into near vision. It is ideal for computer use, crafting etc but cannot be used for driving.

    Sport Progressive

    Next is Sport Progressives. This design has a wide distance field with comfortable Intermediate vision, causing them to be ideal for outdoor activities, like golfing.

    Driving Progressive

    Finally, we’ll talk about Driving Progressives. In order to help you drive without unnecessary head movement, Driving Progressives have a generous distance portion, and decreased intermediate and reading areas.



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