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Self-Heating Steam Eye Mask

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  • SKU# AYZ01W
  • $1.95
    About the product: Innovative single-use steam eye mask uses gentle, warm steam to relieve eye fatigue, moisturize your eyes, reduce dark circles and improve sleep quality. Matters needing attention: 1. Use it inmediately once you open the eye mask. 2. Keep eyes close while wearing the eye mask 3. Due to differences in individual skin sensitivity, if the temperature is too high, please , stop using it. 4. Dispose the eye mask after single use. Do not reuse. WARNINGS: 1. Use as directed. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Harmful if swallowed, contains iron. 2. Do not put in a microwave. 3. Do not cut the eye mask. 4. Do not use damaged mask. Eye mask will not warm up if the pouch is scratched or torn. 5. If you have eye problems, eye diseases, injury around the eyes, allergic reactions, pregnant- please contact your doctor before use. In case of any discomfort or allergic reaction, please stop using immediately and rinse out the areas with cool water.
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  • Dimensions - Length: 14" Width: 11"
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