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Light-Responsive Blue Blockers Are On Sale!

Prescription Glasses at Factory Prices

Rojo Round
Smarter Lenses

All prescription lenses are anti-scratch, coated with an anti-reflective (anti-glare) layer, and 100% UV protectant at no additional cost

Added Value

All prescription glasses come with a premium case and a cleaning cloth

Featured Sunglasses

Innovative Lens Technologies

Payne Glasses uses the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies in the industry. Whether it is our 1.74 high index progressive lens, or our exclusive Blue Blocker transition lens, Payne Glasses is committed to blending excellence with comfort and style.

Unique Software Driven Lens Recommendations

Our unique software is a pioneer in the industry. Our advanced algorithm assess your prescription, pupillary distance, frame, as well as lens type to provide the most comfortable fit. Our Payne Glasses Measure technology makes it possible to craft comfortable prescription glasses for customers all without needing to visit a store.