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    Tips for making your glasses more comfortable

    Glasses can be uncomfortable. We know that’s weird to hear from an eyewear company, but we all know it’s true. Instead of pretending like every pair of glasses will fit like a dream, Payne Glasses is here to give you five tips to help make your favorite glasses more comfortable to wear. If your glasses are slipping down your nose, leaving red marks or putting pressure on your face, our tips and simple tweaks can help get rid of the discomfort. Whether your glasses were professional fit or not, our tips can help make any pair fit like a glove.

    1.) Make sure you’re wearing the right size. If you’re surprised to hear that glasses come in different sizes, you’re probably wearing the wrong one. An accurate pupillary distance measurement is critical to getting your glasses sizing right, so make sure you’re careful when measuring at home, or have a professional do it for you. This step is so critical that we even have a whole how-to guide dedicated to measuring pupillary distance.

    2.) Adjust the nose pads. If your glasses are constantly slipping down your face or are putting pressure on your nose and are leaving red marks, the nose pads need adjusting. If the glasses fall down, the nose pads are too loose. Tighten them until they’re snug, but not tight enough to leave a mark. If you’re getting red marks and indents, the nose pads are too tight. Loosen them until they fit comfortably. Also make sure that the nose pads are positioned correctly to support the glasses.

    3.) Bust out the hair dryer. What does a hair dryer have to do with glasses? Everything if you happen to wear plastic frames. If your glasses are too loose or too tight and have a plastic frame, you can warm the frame up with a regular hair dryer and then gently (emphasis on gently) loosen or tighten the glasses at the nose bridge.

    4.) Stay on the straight and narrow. Crooked glasses can make you look a little goofy. If you’re not fond of the mad scientist look, straightening out your glasses is easy and can be done at home. If you have metal glasses, grab a pair of pliers and straighten the arms out until they’re back into the right shape. If you have plastic frames, keep your hair dryer handy and hit the arms with a bit of heat, then bend into place for a straighter fit.

    5.) Bring on the baby powder. Do the back of your ears ache after wearing new glasses? This might be less about the fit and more about the skin behind your ears. If you’re new to wearing glasses, the skin behind your ears can be really sensitive. While you wait for it to toughen up, a quick blast of baby powder can help chase away any chaffing and make your glasses more comfortable to wear.

    Small adjustments can make a big difference when it comes to comfortable eyewear. Most adjustments to your glasses can be done at home and require no special tools, so stop living with uncomfortable eyeglasses and use these tips and tricks from Payne Glasses to fix most common problems.



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