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    Why Are They the Best Functional Sunglasses for Sports, Driving, and Everyday Wear? 

    Polarized Sunglasses Expertly Designed for Maximum Performance.

    Once you have experienced the benefits of prescription polarized sunglasses, they quickly become an indispensable part of your everyday must-haves. 

    With high retail prices, even with insurance, many people find themselves choosing between renewing their worn-out everyday glasses, putting their insurance towards sunglasses, or stretching the budget by compromising with tinted lenses instead of polarized ones, sacrificing all the advantages polarized glasses offer.

    No More Trade-offs: Know Payne – Know Gain:

    High Quality Prescription Polarized Sunglasses Starting at $40.90

    Everyday Wear

    Polarized sunglasses aren’t just for specific activities—they’re perfect for everyday wear. They protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while making colors appear more vibrant and reducing eye strain. Whether you’re walking in the park or enjoying a day at the beach, polarized lenses provide the comfort and clarity you need.


    For drivers, polarized sunglasses offer unparalleled benefits. They reduce the blinding glare from reflective surfaces like wet roads and other vehicles, enhancing visibility and reaction time. This makes driving safer, especially during bright and sunny days.
    Did You Know? Reaction times for drivers wearing polarized sunglasses are up to 40 percent quicker than non-polarized sunglasses. (20/20 Magazine)

    Athleisure has become a fashion-forward trend. Taking it from the gym to the fashion runway, active wear is here to stay.


    Polarized sunglasses are a must-have for sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re cycling, running, or playing water sports, these lenses provide superior glare reduction and enhanced visual clarity. This allows you to see obstacles and other elements more clearly, improving your performance and safety.

    Stylish Options for Every Need

    At Payne Glasses, we offer a wide variety of polarized sunglasses to suit every style and need:

    Classic Colors: Gray, brown, green, and olive for a timeless look.

    Mirrored Finishes: Silver, ice blue, gold, rose gold, and jade green for added flair

    Explore Polarized Colors

    Shop Now for Active and Everyday Eyewear

    Explore Payne Glasses’ extensive selection of polarized sunglasses to find the perfect pair for your needs. Whether you need protection for daily wear or specialized activities, our collection has you covered. 

    For any inquiries, feel free to contact us. Your perfect pair of polarized sunglasses is just a click away.



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