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    Achieve that Vintage Look with Round Glasses


    Round glasses frames are a natural choice for a retro-chic statement. But taking on vintage style can seem daunting. Whether you’re looking for Molly Ringwald’s 1980s outsider status or the intellectual simplicity of Steve Jobs, round glasses frames create instant personality.

    The pros at Payne Glasses have tips and tricks for how to achieve that vintage look with round glasses – without slipping into comic kitsch.

    The Shape That Keeps Coming ‘Round

    Glasses were typically round in shape from their earliest days in the 13th century. They made a big splash among literary types in the 1920s, then never really went away. Even though browline styles took over in the 1950s, round frames came whirling back in the ’60s and ’70s, thanks to icons like John Lennon and Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis.

    Johnny Depp and Lisa Benet kept glasses round through the ’90s, and today you see them on everyone from Kendall Jenner to Shawn Mendes to Yara Shahidi.

    General Guidelines for Modern Vintage Chic

    Nailing a retro chic look requires nuance. Go too far and you’ll be dwarfed by glasses that are too big for your face. Shy away from it and you won’t make any statement at all.

    So how do you achieve that vintage look with round glasses without resembling Radar O’Reilly from the TV show MASH?

    Here are a few fashion dos and don’ts:

    • Do Mix Eras. Modern vintage is about pulling the past into the present. A cool pair of round sunglasses worn with a 1970s sundress, chunky heels from the ’90s and a very modern asymmetrical haircut creates a funky, fresh look. Likewise, round metal glasses frames paired with a men’s tab-collar shirt and up-to-date dark wash jeans looks timeless and cool.
    • Do Keep It Minimal. One or two vintage items is plenty to complement any simple, chic look.
    • Don’t Wear the Wrong Size. Make sure you choose frames that fit your face to avoid looking harsh (too small) or childish (too big).
    • Don’t Slip into Kitsch. Wearing vintage head-to-toe can end up looking like a costume. To achieve that vintage look without waxing kitsch-y, choose contemporary elements for balance.

    Round Style Tips for Women

    • Know Your Color Theory. Choose round frames that complement your coloring: bold plastic frames if you have darker hair or strong features, lighter metal frames if you’re fair-haired or have delicate features.
    • Complement Your Face Shape. Whether your face is square, rectangular, oval or heart-shaped, round frames will work as long as you select an appropriate size. A round frame with more angular edges complements the symmetry of a round face.
    • Play Down the Makeup. When you’re making a statement with round glasses frames, keep the rest of your look neutral.

    Round Style Tips for Men

    • Age Up with a Keyhole Bridge. Plastic or acetate frames in a round shape usual feature a keyhole shape at the bridge. This helps a boyish face look more mature, particularly in dark or ombre colors that mimic the browline style.
    • Soften a Seasoned Face with Stylized Circles. Older gentlemen can turn back the clock a bit with a semi-rimless round frame or frames that square of at the temples.
    • Add Mystery with Classic Shades. You can’t get much more classic than round sunglasses, and they’re an easy, low-commitment entry to vintage style. These come in a variety of tints and gradients, even for you lucky gents who need no correction.



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