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    How Do I Find My Size?

    By understanding the frame size you already wear, you can ensure a perfect fit almost every time!

    When buying glasses online, one of the biggest things to consider is frame size. How do you know which size is right for you? Fear not, we’ve got you covered on how to find the perfect fit for you!

    Frame Dimensions

    To start, let’s take a look at a pair of glasses you already own. If listed, they may have three of the most important numbers to note when ordering glasses. They might be something like 52-16-140. From left to right, these are the size measurements that represent the lens width, bridge, and temple length. On certain frames, a fourth number may be listed on the arms that represents the lens height. Please keep in mind that all frame measurements are in millimeters.

    Lens Height

    This is the vertical height of the lens at its tallest point within the frame. Our average range is from 22mm to 52mm. 

    NOTE: This measurement is very important to consider when choosing a frame for bifocals/progressives. The lens height must be at least 30mm to accommodate either design.

    Frame Width

    This is the overall width from hinge to hinge of the frame itself. While this value is rarely listed on most frames, it is a very important factor to consider.

    NOTE: To find a size similar to what you have, you can use a ruler to measure along the top front of your frame. Then you can multiply the value in inches by 25.4 to find the millimeter equivalent and compare frames.

    Temple Length

    This is the length of the temple arm of the frame, and it starts from the hinge. Our average range is from 115mm to 155mm.

    Lens Width

    This is the horizontal width of each individual lens at its widest point. Our average range is from 42mm to 60mm.

    Bridge Width

    This is the distance between the lenses and is the space where the frame attaches the lenses.

    We have frames of every size for the entire family!

    How To Filter By Size

    If you have a current pair of glasses with these measurements, finding a new pair on our site is even easier! You can filter frames on our site by using those numbers for reference.

    Matching Dimensions

    If you have the three main dimensions listed on your frames, you can search by these numbers directly on our website using the Filter bar. By clicking on the “Size” option and selecting the “Your Frame” tab, you can enter the lens width, bridge, and temple length measurements to view a list of similar fitting frames.

    Click “Your Frame” to plug in your dimensions directly to view a list of similar sizes!

    Size Ranges

    Depending on whether you want your new glasses to be bigger, smaller, or about the same, you can also set ranges for dimensions on our site. By clicking on Size followed by the individual options for lens width, bridge, and more, you will open the menu to set a millimeter range of the given dimension. Drag the bars to provide a range for yourself and supply even more frame options!

    Drag the bars to set ranges for multiple dimensions and provide more options!



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