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    How to pick the best sunglasses

    Sunglasses have become an essential fashion accessory, but how do you know which ones to get? The right sunglasses can make you feel and look cool, but the wrong ones may be the nightmare after you see all your pictures with the wrong sunglasses.

    There are tons of different sunglasses on the market. Here are some tips on finding the right pair for you.

    Find out what your face shape is

    The first step is figuring out your face shape. Sunglasses are worn on the face, so you must figure out what face shape you are in order to find the ones that look the best with your face shape.
    To understand what your face shape is, you need to measure your face width and length. Our faces aren’t shaped like squares or triangles, so we need to know the direct numbers of our face width and length to help us make the decision.

    Choose the sunglasses based on your face shape

    Again, sunglasses are worn on your face, remember to keep your face shape in mind to help you narrow your choices down.
    For example, if your face is narrow, don’t choose extra wide sunglasses. Here are some tips for you to remember: if you have wide face, choose the wide sunglasses; if you have narrow face, choose the narrow sunglasses.

    Let’s move to your face length now, there is an easy formula to use to determine if you have long face or not: if your face length is twice as long ad your face width, it means you have long face.
    For example, if you have a long face, choose sunglasses with more lens height. The lens height can help shorten your face length.

    Try as many sunglasses as you can

    Now your sunglass options are narrowed down based on the face width and length, but there are still many types of sunglasses that fit your face, but which ones should you get?

    Just try them! The best way to figure out what sunglasses best fit you is to try them on. It’s a very simple but useful way to help you find your best sunglasses in the shortest time!

    Now you know all tips to pick the best sunglasses for you. Next time while you walk into a sunglass store, you will not freak out deciding which sunglasses to choose. You are now a sunglass master and will be the coolest person in the crowd!

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