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    Fall Glasses

    Crunchy leaves, vibrant colors, pumpkins everywhere… all sure signs that fall is officially here! And what could be better than finding a few (or more) frames for your favorite activities!

    Fall Leaves

    Want to look as colorful as the changing leaves around you? We have all your favorites, take your pick of our vibrant red, orange, and yellow frames! 

    Maple Oval: Fall in love with these radiant frames that truly honor the season! In addition to eyeglasses, these frames make a great pair of sunglasses to show off your sunny style!

    Rogan Square: The style, the colors, and the fit of these frames are perfect for every outfit and every leaf!

    Aura Rectangle: Stay golden and keep the positive aura with these frames, just the right size for all day wear! 

    Fall Leaves Frames Collection: https://www.payneglasses.com/eyeglasses/fall-leaves.html


    Forget traveling by cars and planes. This time of year, the preferred method of travel is hayrides, closely followed by tractors and by foot! Take a look through our featured frames to find some new styles that will be perfect for your next trip!

    Dusk Square: Look classy from dawn until dusk with these frames! Whether you’re hitting the hay or hitting the town, you’ll be all set!

    Presley Square: We can’t help falling in love with this frame, and so will you! The comfort fit of this frame will always be at the top of our charts!

    Salvatore Browline: Sleek and sophisticated, this classic browline style will have you looking stylish while being on the go at the same time!

    Wolcott Oval: The colors, the shape, the style! This frame checks off all your boxes for the perfect pair to match your look and suit your style!

    Hayrides Frame Collection: https://www.payneglasses.com/eyeglasses/hayrides.html

    Fall Hike In The Woods

    There’s nothing more refreshing than a brisk hike during this time of year. It’s imperative that you have a reliable pair of glasses to see and take in all of the beautiful nature! Browse through some of our styles to find the new look for you!

    Venti Square: While it’s a little on the smaller side, this frame is the one to have in every color for the full fall aesthetic!

    Tessa Square: If you’re looking for a frame with a classic shape and a burst of color, this is the one for you; the green color in particular will give you the forest vibes you are searching for!

    Monet Oval: Beautiful from the inside out, this frame will give the more subtle look to the season!

    Fall Hike In The Woods Frame Collection: https://www.payneglasses.com/eyeglasses/hiking-in-woods.html

    Pumpkin Picking

    And finally, for the activity that everyone’s looking for, pumpkin picking! We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for the perfect frame with that pop of orange color!

    Lucas Oval: This frame has everything you need for those picture-perfect pumpkin selfies! It’s sure to brighten up both your face and your face with ease!

    Bedford Square: If you’re looking for a sleek style with that hint of fun, these glasses are the pair for you on your next outing!

    Millie Oval: This pair will have you feeling happy-go-lucky with its unique design, rich colors, and comfy fit!

    Pumpkin Picking Frames Collection: https://www.payneglasses.com/eyeglasses/pumpkin-picking.html

    Whether you’re hiking, hayriding, pumpkin picking, or otherwise, always be sure to check our collections often to find more looks for your next fall adventure!



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