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    What are Blue light glasses?

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    Nowadays people become aware of their health condition and the influence of technology products. The blue light emitting from the screen is one of the important factors that will damage people’s health. For this reason, blue light glasses are the solution to this situation.

    What are blue light glasses?

    Blue light glasses are the glasses that can block out the blue light in order to better protect people’s eyes. The filtering materials or coating lenses on these glasses can also help block a portion of the blue light.

    Blue light is not visible from people’s eyes that it will be ignored and damage eyes for a long time. Since computers, tablets, and smartphones can all expose the eyes to the blue light, the blue light is produced to prevent the blue light damage the eyes.

    Who needs blue light glasses?

    Basically, if you have to stare at the screen all day and keep using smartphones after dark, blue light glasses will be your best option to help you sleep and protect your eyes. And for the eye strain problem, blue light glasses might be your option to solve eye strain. But you can try first to look things over 20 feet away from 20 seconds for every 20 minutes (20-20-20 rule). The practice may help you lighten the eye strain that you do not need blue light glasses anymore.

    The eyes are the most important and vulnerable organ nowadays. People need to put effort to take care of them in order to make their vision clear for long time. Blue light glasses are one way to protect your eyes. But the best way to keep your eyes healthy is to rest your eyes every 30 minutes looking at the screen. Next time while you wear blue light glasses, don’t forget to rest your eyes as well to have a bright future!

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