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  • Do you devote more than 3 hours a day to screen time?
  • Visual Fatigue Symptoms
  • How Often Do You Feel The Need To Rest Your Eyes, When Looking At Screens?
  • How Often Do You Have Tired, Itchy, Or Dry Eyes At The End Of The Day?
  • How Often Do You Experience Blurred Vision When Switching Distances After Watching Screens?

If Your Answers Fall Into These Three Categories, Choose

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Your level of visual fatigue is low. To keep it low, you need eyeglasses that will help your eyes stay relaxed from screens, day after day. Payne’s Anti-fatigue design have a specific structure adapted to your connected lifestyle, and an advanced blue-light filter.


If There Is At Least One Answer With Often Or Always, Choose

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(According to age)


Our accommodative power decreases with age, which is why Payne Anti-fatigue designs’ boost is customised according to your age and physiological needs:

The symptoms of visual fatigue you’re experiencing are probably linked to your digital usage. Payne’s anti-fatigue designs will relax and protect your eyes from screens and other close work you might undertake during the day.

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