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    5 great reasons for wearing non-prescription glasses

    Some people might wonder why you would wear glasses if you don’t exactly need them, but if you’ve ever seen the selection of stylish, high-end glasses out there today, you’ll probably understand. There are lots of valid reasons to wear non-prescription glasses, from accessorizing your favorite outfits to protecting your eyes during certain tasks.

    Here at Payne Glasses, we carry a stylish selection of non-prescription glasses for all types of customers. And just because they don’t require a prescription doesn’t mean they don’t serve a purpose; many of our high-quality non-prescription glasses even offer technical features all their own. If you’ve been considering adding a pair to your wardrobe, here are five reasons why you might want to find the perfect pair for you.

    1. They make great accessories.

    There’s no shame in investing in a stylish pair of non-prescription glasses simply to add a certain something to your look. Whether you decide to wear them every day or you simply want to rock a pair of statement glasses whenever the mood strikes, non-prescription glasses make great accessories even for people with 20/20 vision.

    2. They can protect your eyes from blue light.

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    Since many people spend hours facing a computer or phone screen every day, non-prescription blue light-blocking glasses are on the rise. These protective glasses don’t require a prescription, but they do offer a shield of protection between your sensitive eyes and the potentially damaging effects of the light of a tech screen. With a short wavelength and the highest energy of all visible light, blue light has the potential to damage your retinas. With blue light glasses, you can get your work done without worry.

    3. They add impact to certain costumes.

    Another great reason you might want a pair of non-prescription glasses? Costumes! Many costumes require a pair of glasses even if you don’t typically wear them, so if you want to create a truly authentic look, you’ll need the perfect pair. Since Payne Glasses carries such an affordable selection, you can snag a pair of steampunk glasses or even nautical glasses to complete your costume without blowing your budget.

    4. They can help you project intelligence.

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    If you’re feeling less than confident at work or school, adding a pair of non-prescription glasses to your look may be the thing you need. Many people consider glasses a sign of intelligence; try out a pair of horn-rimmed glasses and see how smart you feel!

    5. They’re great for kids.

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    If kids go to school and see their friends wearing a pair of cool new glasses, they’re likely to come home and ask for a pair themselves. If your little ones have been begging for a pair of glasses, there’s no harm in trying out a pair of non-prescription glasses for kids. With so many fun styles to choose from, your kids will have fun creating their own unique eyeglasses look – even without a prescription.



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