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    Eyeglasses & COVID-19 Prevention

    We all know the basics for minimizing the possibility of contracting COVID-19: wash your hands, disinfect frequently touched surfaces, wear a facemask when around others, cover your coughs and sneezes, and stay inside the house unless it’s absolutely necessary to go out. But what about not-so-basic preventatives?

    The Eyes Are Window To Contagion

    You may not have considered that your eyes — surrounded and supported by mucous tissue — are a gateway for disease transmission. Virus-infected particles can pass person-to-person if mucous droplets from an infected person’s cough or sneeze, or even via close-contact talking and breathing, reach the other’s eyes. Another possible mode of infection is touching a surface that an infected individual has handled, resulting in your picking up viral particles on your hands, and then rubbing or touching the tissue around your eyes.

    In light of these risks, we suggest you put your contact lenses away for the time being, and grab a pair of glasses instead. Consider the following tips on how glasses can support your current efforts to stay healthy.

    The Ontario Square

    Shield Your Eyes From Germs

    Glasses will physically prevent you from touching your eyes during these times, unlike contacts!

    Wearing glasses physically hinders you from touching or rubbing your eyes. Therefore, as discussed above, glasses can help avoid transferring germs from your fingers. Contact lenses, on the other hand, sometimes get dry and irritate your eyes, making you want to rub them. Since glasses don’t come in direct contact with your eyes, they can’t cause these issues and you’ll have one less reason to rub your eyes. If you don’t have prescription but still want coverage, we suggest ordering non-prescription versions of either our Nelson Sports Glasses or Hartford Sports Glasses. Clear and comfortable, these glasses provide visibility and extended coverage by the arm of the glasses too.

    Protect Your Eyes With Blue Light Blockers

    Save your eyes with a pair of blue blockers to prevent headaches and eye strain!

    Has the COVID-19 work-at-home mandate increased your time in front of a computer? How about your children? Are they watching more television and playing more video games because schools are temporarily closed? With increased screen time, many people notice problems with their eyes caused by looking at digital displays all day. These issues can include dry, tired eyes, headaches and blurred vision.

    To reduce screen-related strain on your eyes, we recommend Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These specially designed lenses protect your eyes from the above symptoms related to High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light exposure. Blue Light Blocking Lenses filter out the particular wavelength of blue light present at the highest peak in computer screens, smartphones and other digital devices. We also offer lens types that are specifically for blocking blue light even without a prescription, so this protection is available for everyone.

    Don’t Forget Fashion!

    The Flash Rectangle

    Besides staying physically healthy during this unprecedented, routine-crushing period of time, staying in good mental health is also vital. Social distancing can easily lead to feelings of isolation and depression, and self-care is more important than ever.

    Why not give yourself a boost with a new look? An affordable pair of glasses with the added bonus of safety is the definition of resourceful, and may be just what the doctor ordered right about now! 



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