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    How Do I Adjust Acetate Frames?

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    A Helpful Guide

    If you’ve worn glasses before, you’ve probably experienced times when it feels like your frames are not sitting right on your face, are too loose or tight, or aren’t aligned correctly. This could happen not only if you accidentally drop your frames or have them in the heat for too long, but also if you ordered a pair online and haven’t had them fitted by a professional. Learning to adjust your frames on your own will help save you time, money, and energy.

    The Mason Square by Payne Glasses

    Can I adjust my frames?

    There are differences in adjusting frames when it comes to the material used. For example, adjusting metal frames is a different process from the process you can use for plastic or acetate frames. Fortunately, if you just bought a pair of acetate frames from Payne Glasses, you’re in the right spot! 

    What are acetate frames?

    Before we discuss making adjustments, it would be good for you to know more about your new acetate frames. Acetate is a hypoallergenic, plant-based plastic that we make from natural cotton and wood fibers. This helps avoid issues caused by plastic eyeglass frames. In addition to being flexible, lightweight, and strong, acetate frames have the widest range of transparency, color, and finishes to give you endless choices for your perfect pair.

    The Spright Round by Payne Glasses

    Where can I adjust my acetate frames?

    It’s easy to tell when they don’t feel right, but it isn’t always easy to identify the reason. Here are a few ways to determine what’s “off” with your frames and what you need to do to fix it.

    Frames sit too high or too low: If it feels like your glasses sit too high or low on your face, you might need to adjust the nose piece. Lower the placement of the frames by spreading the nose pieces apart or raise the placement of the frames by bringing the nose pieces together.

    Frames feel tight or loose: Adjust the temple arms of your frames if they feel too tight or too loose. You can bend the arms outward to alleviate the tightness against the side of your head or inward to tighten them and lower the risk of them falling off.

    Frames feel off-centered: If your frames seem to tilt to one side, it may be because the sides of the frames aren’t aligned, your temples aren’t necessarily parallel to one another, or your ears are at different levels (this is normal, don’t panic). To adjust, gently bend the hinge in the direction that will fix the misalignment.

    The Finch Cat Eye by Payne Glasses

    How To Adjust Acetate Frames

    Since acetate frames aren’t pliable at room temperature, you need to add heat. To do this, you can either run your frames under hot water or heat them with a hair dryer for 20 seconds. Once they are warm, use light pressure to adjust your frames. Be careful, though—if you press on plastic too hard, the frames are likely to snap. You also need to make sure you don’t overheat the frames, as this leads to deformation.

    Find Your Next Pair of Acetate Frames

    At Payne Glasses, we make finding your next pair of glasses an easy and affordable process. Find a pair of acetate frames that suit your lifestyle, aesthetic, and tastes online today. Choose from our large selection of eyeglass frames for women, eyeglass frames for men, and kids prescription glasses. We’re glad to help you save some money without compromising quality!


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