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    Top-Trending Children’s Back-to-School Glasses

    Cookie-cutter glasses are outdated and boring. Trend-setting kids’ glasses are the exact opposite, featuring exceptional style and the ability to level up outfits. Shop now.

    The back-to-school rush is a great time to buy new, trendsetting kids’ glasses. It’s the start of the school year, so they’ll want to look — and see — their very best. The good news is that you don’t have to pay designer prices to get some great frames and prescription lenses. Payne Glasses offers prescription options starting at just $5.95. With these price points, you may even find that you can afford two or three pairs, so your children can change their looks or match glasses with different outfits.

    Whether you’re looking for toddler glasses, glasses for kids age 5-8 or pre-teen glasses, Payne offers affordable, stylish fall looks you and your kids will love.

    Translucent frames

    • See-through frames are all the rage right now, and they’re not just for grown-ups. Here are a few to choose from:Argyle Rectangle Glasses. These flattering translucent brown frames look great on most face shapes. Their rectangular shape accentuates round face shapes especially well.

    Branson Rectangle Glasses. Get that translucent look with these sturdy frames that offer spring hinges. These are great for small children who may play a little rough.

    Alpine Oval Glasses. Enjoy the sleek design of these oval glasses, perfect for more angular square- and diamond-shaped faces.

    Laurel Rectangle Glasses. Choose pale pink crystal or a brighter pink in these translucent frames, fitting for round faces and those who want their style to really show.

    Patterned frames

    Kids usually enjoy a bit of flare on their frames. These styles feature subtle patterns they’ll love:

    Allegra Oval Glasses. Add a little style to your child’s glasses with these translucent matte finish oval glasses featuring multi-colored hearts.

    Carma Oval Glasses. Go for subtle polka dots with these stylish frames. The brown hue flatters most skin and eye colors.

    Fun colors

    • Who says all frames need to be black or brown? Add a pop of color with these choices:Cory Rectangle Glasses. Choose from a wide range of colors in these stylish glasses, including yellow, blue, black and green. You may want to choose a couple colors for versatility.

    Amos Rectangle Glasses. Sport a two-tone look with these tortoiseshell, black-and-blue or black-and-clear frames.

    Sasha Classic Square Glasses. Complement a round, oval, oblong, heart-shaped or pear-shaped face with these colorful square glasses. Choose from green, blue, deep red, tortoise and pink.

    Mildred Cat Eye Glasses. These stylish cat eye frames come in pink, blue and purple.

    Sweeney Oval Glasses. Have fun with these two-tone specs, featuring super flexible material and four color choices.

    Color-changing frames. What kid wouldn’t love glasses that magically change color in different lights? Choose from Newberry Round or Nash Square.

    At Payne Glasses, we love to help kids see better and look their best. Our kids’ frames are durable, stylish and affordable.

    Don’t forget that most of our prescription glasses offer blue-light blocking to protect kids’ eyes. You can also order these in non-prescription lenses to help with computer eyestrain and keep your children’s eyes healthy throughout the school year.

    If you don’t see what you’re looking for online or have questions, feel free to contact us anytime.



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