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    USPS Shipping Alerts

    Have you been not-so-patiently waiting for your packages to arrive?  Grandma’s birthday card with a crisp $20 bill, the newest fashion magazine, the new screwdriver you need to fix that loose patio door?  You’re not the only ones!

    With the COVID19 virus still lurking, we’ve all noticed USPS, along with the other delivery services have been running on a slightly delayed schedule. 

    We reached out to USPS to confirm and found out some updates!  Here’s the scoop:

    “Facilities in Michigan and New Jersey temporarily suspended operations for 2 days for precautionary measures and cleaning. The packages were rerouted but facilities cannot handle all of the volume. Those facilities are up and running but we are seeing a delay of 7-10 days.”

    Don’t worry!  We’re still on schedule, but please be patient with USPS while they get your glasses out to you safely.



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