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    What’s Trending in Women’s Glasses This Winter?

    If it’s time to choose some new eyeglass frames, either because you updated your prescription or because you want some new styles, Payne Glasses is the place to shop. You’ll find affordable frames and prescription and non-prescription lenses with options to add blue light blocking, progressive lenses, multifocal progressives and more.

    Let’s take a look at some winter trends in women’s glasses.

    Feminine Touches

    Glasses with feminine touches, like rose gold frames, are definitely in style. Depending on your face shape, think Briony Square, Aline Oval or Yorke Geometric.

    You might also go for something a bit bolder, like our pink glasses. Check out the Tulip Cat Eye or more conventional-shaped Phoebe Round.

    Our floral glasses are uniquely feminine too. Check out our Roma Cat’s Eye Glasses or Harriet Oval Glasses, with more subtle hues running through the frames.

    Vintage Glasses

    There’s a retro vibe that never seems to go out of style. Check out our vintage glasses for a variety of frame shapes that hearken back to times of old. Check out our Roma Cay Eye Glasses, Roosevelt Oval or Moonshine Round.

    Blue Glasses

    Blue is a very hot color for 2021 and is trending into next year. Check out blue frames for women, and find everything from our cool Crystal Round Glasses to a bolder Knox Cat Eye Design to a more subtle-colored Elgin Rectangle Design.

    Metallic and Wire-Rim Frames

    Classic metallic and wire-rim frames offer a wide range of shapes to choose from and create a classic style you’ll love. Great for everyday wear, these frames can be neutral in color or include a hint of color, as in our Agnes Cat Eye Glasses, available in red, gold or silver. You might also like our Swayze Geometric Glasses or Cayenne Round. The possibilities here are endless!

    Clear Frames

    Clear translucent frames are still hot. Choose from styles that are completely clear, like our Cinema Aviator Glasses or our Enderlin Square Glasses. You might also opt for translucent designs like colorful Peabody Square Glasses or our Arcadia Cat Eye Glasses.

    Colorful and Patterned Frames

    Now more than ever, eyeglass frames reflect personality and make a statement. Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb with your eyewear, especially if it’s affordable enough that you can choose more than one frame. Check out some Payne striped glasses, multicolor glasses, leopard glasses or even floral glasses.

    Color Changing Glasses

    Want to add a little interest to your glasses? Check out our color changing frames! They change color in the sun. For example, our Maddock Square Glasses are clear frames that turn pink in the light. Our Anderson Classic Square Glasses are clear in the light but emit a green glow in the dark.

    Payne Glasses

    Payne Glasses offers a wide range of affordably priced glasses for women, men and children. Our glasses start at prices as low as $5.95, and we offer myriad options for frames, including blue light blocking, progressives and more. If you have unique eyeglass needs, chances are we can help.

    Feel free to contact us anytime with questions about your prescription, our ordering process or anything else!






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