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    Why You Should Update Your Glasses Regularly

    How are your eyeglasses or contacts these days? Is it getting more difficult to see? Can you even tell?

    Sometimes, it’s not easy to know when you need an updated eyeglass prescription. Obviously, if you’re squinting, getting headaches, seeing double or having other vision issues, you need to see your eye doctor. Otherwise, the American Optometric Association recommends getting a comprehensive eye exam at least every two years.

    You can get a quick vision screening at your primary care doctor’s office or even at a local clinic. A comprehensive eye exam is performed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist and includes other tests to measure how healthy your eyes are. If you already have glasses, you probably want to see your eye doctor to understand whether your vision has changed and how much.

    Here are some reasons why you should update your eyeglass prescription:

    1. Your prescription may be outdated.

    If it’s been a year or more, changes are it’s time to start thinking about visiting your doctor for an eye exam. This is especially true if you’re starting to notice eyestrain or difficulty seeing. After all, what’s the point of having glasses if they don’t work to help you see the best you can? Make that appointment!

    2. Eye exams can identify other health problems.

    Did you know that a comprehensive eye exam can identify major health problems like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, autoimmune disorders, cancer and tumors? It’s important to get your eyes checked by a professional who might identify these issues early enough to treat them.

    3. You may need a style update.

    Beyond prescription changes, you may just want to update your frames. It may be time for a change, especially if it’s been over a year. You can get an eye exam to make sure your prescription hasn’t changed and then choose some new frames that may better suit your current style. If you choose an affordable outlet like Payne Glasses, you may even be able to choose several pair to go with different moods or outfits.

    4. Your eyes may have other issues.

    A comprehensive eye exam includes screening for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, detached retinas and other eye issues. Just like regular physicals help keep you healthy and aware of any issues you may have, so regular eye exams help keep your eyes healthy.

    5. Your frames or lenses may be damaged.

    Beyond needing a stronger prescription to see better, you may experience problems because your lenses are scratched, which can make your vision appear blurry, or your frames are bent, so your lenses don’t sit where they’re supposed to on your face. It’s a good idea to resolve these issues, even if you don’t need a new prescription.

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    Feel free to contact us anytime with questions!






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