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    Your Guide to Gaming / Blue Light Glasses From Payne Glasses

    Have you heard of gaming glasses? If you’re an online gamer who sometimes experiences eye strain, you may have.

    Gaming glasses, or computer glasses, are just another type of treated glasses you can get these days, joining the ranks of polarized sunglasses, progressive lenses and more. They’re designed to reduce eye strain from staring at liquid crystal displays like computers, tablets, smart phones, televisions and other screens. Since reading from a digital device requires the eyes to work harder than reading from paper, and most people do the majority of their reading and working from these devices, we’ve seen many cases of computer vision syndrome, which is characterized by eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and even neck and shoulder pain.

    Computer glasses versus blue light glasses

    You may have heard the terms “computer glasses” and “blue light glasses” used interchangeably. Actually, they are two different things.

    Computer glasses, designed to reduce eye strain, typically have an anti-glare coating as well as a slight magnification and a decentered pupillary distance effect. While anti-glare coating reduces the build up of reflections off the surface of the lens, slight magnification helps us focus on screens that are within an arm’s length. The decentered pupillary effect helps keep the pupils in the natural converged position they tend to work toward when focusing on an object for long periods of time. This helps eliminate eye muscle strain.

    While computer glasses are designed to reduce eye strain, blue light glasses filter out the blue light emitted from screens and LED lights, also known as HEV light, or high-energy visible light. This blue light can interfere with the body’s natural sleep rhythm and, since it reaches all the way through the eye to the back of the retina, can damage the retina over time. It can ultimately lead to macular degeneration.

    Blue light can be especially damaging to children’s eyes, which are still developing and can absorb more blue light than an adult’s eyes.

    Both computer glasses and blue light glasses are available in prescription glasses and also in non-prescription lenses for those who don’t need additional vision correction.

    While computer glasses and blue light glasses are different, it’s also true that some computer glasses have blue light-filtering effects. You may even see blue light-filtering glasses marketed as “computer glasses,” and that’s not a lie because they are designed for use with computers. The key is to make sure you know what the glasses you’re purchasing are designed to do.

    Typically, gaming glasses are meant to block blue light and reduce the effects of long-term exposure to it.

    Payne Glasses – gaming glasses at great prices

    Payne glasses offers both prescription and non-prescription blue light glasses, with prescription glasses starting at incredibly low prices and non-prescription starting at even lower prices. Our prescription blue light glasses block 90 percent of HEV light and are available in progressive and single-vision prescriptions.

    We’re also well aware that fashion will always be a consideration when choosing glasses, which is why we have made sure that our blue light-filtering lenses look as natural as possible and that we offer a wide variety of frame styles.

    Ordering blue light glasses from Payne Glasses is easy. Simply choose the frame you like, choose “blue light blocking glasses” and select prescription or non-prescription. You can also choose “more lens options” if you need progressives or other modifications to the lens.

    Find affordable glasses in a wide range of styles at payneglasses.com today.

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