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    How do I order my prescription glasses online?

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    What do I need to order prescription glasses online?

    Before you begin ordering your prescription eyewear, be sure that you have the following pieces of information:

    Your Prescription-

    Make sure to get a non-expired prescription from your doctor. How long are prescriptions valid? Generally your prescription is valid for 2 years, unless otherwise specified by your state or the doctor. 

    Your Pupillary Distance- 

    Firstly, what is a Pupillary Distance? It is the measure of the distance between your pupils. For more information, use the “What is PD (Pupillary Distance)?” guide.

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    You will need your PD- your Pupillary Distance- to order glasses online

    How do I order glasses online, once I have my PD and my Prescription?

    1. Once you’re on our site, choose a pair of frames that you like. If you’re having trouble selecting frames, use the “How do I select eyeglass frames online?” guide. 
    2. After that, enter your prescription and PD. If you need help with entering your prescription, use the “How do I enter my Prescription?” guide. 
    3. (Only for Progressive and Lined Bifocal users) The next step is how we determine how you plan on using your lenses. You will need to choose between the following:
      1. Distance and Near (Lined Bifocals or Progressives)
      2. Distance Only (Single Vision Distance Glasses)
      3. Near Only (Single Vision Near Glasses)
    4. If you choose Distance and Near, the website will ask you which type of Progressive option you want to choose. If you’d like to see your options, use the “What kind of progressive lenses should I get?” guide. 
    5. The site will then as whether you want Clear Lenses, Sunglass Tinted Lenses, or Light Responsive Lenses. For more information on these, 
    6. Lastly, the site will as you if you would like any extra coatings, such as Blue Light Blocking or Oleophobic Anti-Reflective. For information on the Tint and Coating options, use the “What Lens Coatings Should I Select?” guide. 
    7. At this point, the “Add to cart” button should be orange, so you can add that pair to your cart.
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    We keep the online glasses order process as easy as possible

    I’ve added all my desired eyeglasses to the cart. What Now?

    Now that you have added your prescription or non-prescription glasses to the cart, you can proceed to the checkout process:

    1. Shipping Information
    2. Payment Information
    3. Review and check out
    Image result for face with  glasses
    You can provide photos to us to help us customize your order and double check your Rx

    How can I submit my photos to customize my glasses?

    If you’d like to submit a photo of your Prescription, or a photo of you wearing your current glasses (for Progressive and Lined Bifocal orders):

    1. Click on the link at the top right of the page to get to your account.
    2. Then, click on “Your Orders”.
    3. After that, choose the order you just placed and click on “View Details”.
    4. Finally, select “Share Pic With Lab” to upload your photo(s)

    Keep in mind that we work to get your eyeglasses to you in the shortest time possible, so the lab will start working on your glasses within hours of your order. If you need to submit a photo or change your order, make sure you do it very soon after your order has been placed.


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