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    How Do I Order Yellow Tinted Night Driving Lenses?

    Night Driving Lenses Allow You To See Clearly When Driving At Night.

    Our eyes were not designed for many of the demands that the modern world throws at us. Computer screens and phones bombard us with HEV blue light, so we made blue blocking lenses to combat the risk of damage. What can we do about the headlights that keep getting brighter and brighter every year? That’s where Yellow Tinted Night Driving lenses come in.

    What Do Night Driving Lenses Do?

    Night Driving Lenses help your eyes to adjust to the demands of night driving by using a yellow tint to darken the lights of oncoming traffic and street lights, while leaving the dark areas and mid-level areas in a good range for viewing. It’s almost like night vision technology.

    How To Order Yellow Tinted Night Driving Lenses On PayneGlasses.com

    Step 1:Choose your preferred frame.

    Step 2:Fill in your prescription information.

    Step 3:Choose the lens type you need: bifocal, progressive, or single vision.

    Step 4:Select sunglasses – tinted lenses.

    Step 5:Choose the lens color as yellow.

    Once you select that, you’re ready to get on the road with better safety and eye health than before.



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