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    How To Clean Your Prescription Sports Glasses

    Prescription Sports Glasses are great for all outdoor activities.

    Payne Glasses’ Sports Glasses have helped many people to see clearly while participating in their favorite activities, like outdoor sports, running, and riding bikes and motorcycles. They’re also helpful because they look great!

    Some of us have had difficulty with the cleaning of these glasses, but there’s a trick you can use to get the most out of your glasses, keep them clean, and stay ready for action.

    How Do You Clean Your Prescription Sports Glasses?

    The biggest challenge is getting into the smaller spaces of the glasses, but if you remove the tinted lens first, you should have no trouble at all.

    Sports Glasses with 2 individual lenses:

    For sports glasses with a single lens, pull down on the outside edge of the lens while pushing up on the frame. Once the lens is out, you have way more access to the prescription lens for cleaning.

    Make sure to get the nose portion of the lens in first.

    When you’re done cleaning, insert the part of the lens nearest to the nose, and work your way to the outside, pushing up on the frame as you lower it onto the lens.

    Pull down on the outer part of the lens and push up on the frame.

    Sports Glasses with 1 lens:

    Four these glasses, the process is similar. Start with the outward edge of the lens. Get both sides loose by pulling the lens down and pushing up on the frame.

    Pull both outer edges away from the frame.

    Once both sides are loose, tilt the lens away from the top of the frame and pull up to remove the lens.

    When removing the lens, the nose of the lens should come out last. When replacing the lens in the frame, the nose goes in first.

    Once the tinted lens is out of the frame, you can clean the prescription lenses thoroughly. Then replace the tinted lens by inserting the nose portion first, then the upper edge of the frame. Finally, push the outer edges back into place.


    Now that we showed you how to clean your sports glasses, you should be all set to get back out there and show everybody your style and skills.



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