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    How Do You Know When It’s Time For New Glasses?

    There are several signs to notice when it’s time for a new pair of glasses!

    Just like your favorite pair of jeans that you’ve broken in to the maximum comfort, you may feel the frames you have are the perfect fit. While wear and tear on that perfect pair may be ideal for your fashion sense, they may not fit forever. 

    Holes and rips may be a sign that it’s time to upgrade, but how do you know when it’s time for new glasses?  Just because you can see, doesn’t mean you’re seeing at your clearest.

    Here are some signs that it’s time for an exam and a new pair:


    Your eyes are working with your brain to keep your vision clear, which causes extra strain if the Rx is old and out of date. If you’re noticing more frequent headaches and eye strain, it’s time! 


    While narrowing your eyes and straining to do so may do the trick, it’s not fun. It is also not ideal or safe for extended periods of time. And it certainly shouldn’t occur while you’re wearing your glasses! 

    Overdue For Eye Exam

    The American Optometric Association (AOA) suggests booking an eye exam at least every two years, but recommends once a year preferably. Your vision changes slowly, so you may be accustomed to the way you’re seeing, even when it’s time for an update.

    Always be sure to schedule your annual eye exam to ensure your clearest vision!

    Double Vision

    Exactly how it sounds, this happens when you see two images of the same object. This definitely means your eyes are not working together properly and it’s time for an eye appointment. 

    Damaged Glasses

    If your lenses have multiple scratches on them, it can significantly adhere your vision. Frames that are abnormally bent may cause them to sit incorrectly on your face; this can cause altered vision, especially in bifocal or progressive lenses.

    With many years of experience supplying prescription eyeglasses, we are confident in our products. Delivering high-quality products at affordable prices and combining it with our exceptional customer service, we are also confident that your shopping experience with Payne Glasses will satisfy your every need!

    Payne Glasses offers a pair of glasses for every you!



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