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    Prison Prescription Glasses

    Everyone deserves to have clear vision.

    Do you work at a prison or have a friend in a facility with vision issues? If you’re thinking of getting them a pair of glasses, you may be aware that there can be potential restrictions on prescription eyewear. Depending on the facility, some prisons may even require staff and residents to wear acetate or plastic only frames to ensure the safety of all personnel.

    If you have a loved one in prison without prescription eyewear, some facilities will allow you as a visitor to bring prescription glasses for them. However, please keep in mind that it may fall under certain restrictions and guidelines. Be sure to check with the particular facility to learn about the exact restrictions they have in regards to prescription eyewear. For example, certain facilities may only allow residents to keep only one pair of prescription eyeglasses. Some prohibit all eyeglass cases in general. Depending on the security of the facility, there might be restrictions on the materials of the lenses and frames as well. A common example might require residents to have plastic only frames, containing no metal.*

    We have a pair for everyone. Contact your facility beforehand to learn about any possible restrictions on materials.

    Fortunately, we do sell a variety of plastic only frames that would be viable options. Please check out the following link to see a list of ideal frames. By selecting the “PDF” button at the top of the page, you can view and print the full list that includes all frames details such as prices and size dimensions: https://www.payneglasses.com/prison.html?page=1#list

    *Again, rules and regulations vary depending on the location, so be sure to contact the facility before ordering.



    Ask PG Optician

    Our resident optician can answer your questions about your prescription and frames


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