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    What are night driving glasses and do they really work?

    What are night driving glasses? Do night driving glasses really work? What is the best night driving glasses? Driving through the dusk or at night is always one of the stressful and nervous things for many people. Poor night vision and a lowered amount of light can make it difficult to see in the night. You may have all these questions. Here we have all the answers you need.

    To help address this night driving issue, manufacturers begin to sell a new kind of glass to try reducing the problem- Night driving glasses. In this article, we’ll introduce night driving glasses. Also, we will see if night driving glasses work or they really help drivers at the night.

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    What are night driving glasses?

    Night driving glasses are nonprescription or prescription glasses with yellow-tinted lenses that range in shade from light yellow to amber. Night driving glasses use the same principle as sports eyeglasses known as shooter’s glasses.

    Typically, night driving glasses always include an anti-reflective coating to block out reflections of light from any kind of source that can cause glare such as streetlights or headlights.

    Being manufactured and popular for more than a decade, these yellow-tinted night driving glasses were originally promoted to hunters as shooting glasses. Why they remain popular are because they can sharpen the contrast of flying bird in the sky with cloudy or overcast conditions. But do they really work for night driving?

    Do night driving glasses really work?

    Yellow tinted lenses, for years of research, do indeed enhance contrast in daylight conditions. In fact, although they can block blue light, they also reduce the amount of light entering the eye which lessening visibility in low-light conditions at night.

    Visual tests in recent years show that night driving glasses do not improve any night vision and do not even help drivers see pedestrians any faster than they are not wearing them. Overall, yellow-tinted lenses are good for visibility in daylight, but not help at night.

    What are best glasses for night driving?

    Instead of night driving glasses, here are some tips to help you see clearer vision while driving at night.

    First, uncorrected refractive error with glasses might make people see less clear at night. People will be surprised about how much clearer they can see at night when the refractive errors are corrected by the eye doctor.

    Moreover, choosing glasses with an anti-reflective coating can help reduce nearsightedness, astigmatism, or farsightedness at night. This type of glasses allows almost 100% of light to your eyes which can help drivers have the best vision anytime.

    Most importantly, the best way for night driving is to know your eye condition first. Go see the eye doctor see which is the best option for your eye while driving at night!



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