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    Trends for women’s eyeglasses in 2020

    Don’t know what kind of glasses can suit you perfectly? Looking for some stylish glasses to help you shine on the street? Here are the 4 types of glasses for you to choose from in 2020.

    1.Oversized Eyeglasses

    Big and oversized glasses are always the best choice for women’s eyeglasses. They are designed to be interesting and engaging, which can highlight their unique personality.

    There are different shapes in oversized glasses and not just limited to a single specific style. For the different face shapes, you can choose different shapes of oversized glasses such as square, round, or oval ones to help you enhance your looking.

    The ideal face shape for the oversized glasses is the oval or round face, but you can use oversized glasses to stand out in the crowd no matter what face shapes you have!

    2.Clear eyeglasses

    Instead of oversized glasses, clear eyeglasses are the saver option but you can still wear them in a unique way and style. Based on the different face shapes, different types of clear glasses can bring up your face and highlighting your facial features.

    The ideal face shape for clear eyeglasses will be round and oval faces since it can help you balance your face. But still, you can use its clear style to help you contrast your beauty!

    3.Cat-eye eyeglasses

    When talking about the symbol of femininity, cat-eye glasses are always the perfect fit to represent femininity. Cat-eye glasses can make women look sexier with their retro look and enhance they are intelligence and mystery.

    The ideal face shape for cat eyeglasses will be the diamond-shaped face. It has a narrow forehead so cat eyeglasses’ wide features can help balance the face.

    4.Tortoise shell eyeglasses

    Also known as horn-rimmed glasses, tortoiseshell eyeglasses are the best sellers in women’s eyewear will be popular for a long time. Tortoiseshell glasses are designed with honey yellow and wood brown which can enhance and highlight your facial features.

    The ideal face shape for tortoiseshell glasses is all face shapes. The only thing to consider is the shape of your frames, the opposite shape of the tortoiseshell frame with your face shape will best suit you and help you shine in the crowd!

    These 4 glasses can help you enhance the appearance and gain attention in the crowd of people. Now shop the glasses in Payne Glasses to be the shiniest one in the crowd!



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