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    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Big Sale 2023

    About Black Friday

    Black Friday is here! And thanks to Payne’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Big Sale 2023, now is the best time of the year to find your favorite spectacles or to shop for pairs of sophisticated eyeglasses as gifts for friends and family members. Payne offers comfortable and stylish prescription glasses online at prices that everyone can afford — many of our styles start at $5.95.

    You can find a virtually endless selection of eyeglasses here.

    Take advantage of Payne’s amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this year and thrill your loved ones with gifts they’ll be able to use all year long. We have a wide range of products, from Casual daily wear glasses to Premium Boutique items.

    Best of all? We accept HSA/FSA cards! Payne has you covered with the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals this holiday season.

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Big Sale

    At Payne Glasses, we deeply appreciate our customers. To show this appreciation, we havecarefully added some spectacles to ourFREE Glasses Section to join our Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotion. Come everyday and check for our limited free glasses! What’s more, we will have big discount during Black Friday.Seize this unprecedented opportunity!

    This pair would include 1.50 standard lenses customized to your single vision prescription, anti-scratch & UV protection along with a hard case and cleaning cloth. Note that there is a fee for upgrading lenses.

    Save the money on one frame, and then select our premium oleophobic, or oil-repellant, coating that protects lenses, shrugs off spills from common liquids, improves smoothness and resists fingerprints. Choose from a variety of spectacle colors and styles to match different outfits — at these prices you can do so without breaking the bank.

    With our selection of affordable eyeglasses, you’re certain to be the most stunning one in the crowd. Seize this unprecedented opportunity to save on products for yourself — and others!

    Born to Be Different

    By now, you have likely heard about Black Friday. However, you may not know what “Black Friday” means. The history of Black Friday is all about reversing tradition: This is the day when businesses go from being “in the red” to “in the black.” This result shows that things are always changing and you should never restrict yourselves to one condition. That’s also what we want to convey in our sale. Don’t let others define you. You are born to be different and unique.

    So, why not take advantage of the savings opportunities on the biggest shopping day of the year — the Friday after Thanksgiving — to reward yourself for a hard year of work? Payne’s glasses are ready for you with casual or statement pieces that will have you party-ready for the upcoming holiday celebrations. 

    Now Step outside of your comfort zone and try something different to embrace the new year, and a new you. Don’t be shy! Try one of our statement glasses in an envelope-pushing shape or color. You’ll find some of the newest styles in our Trendy Glasses section. With Payne’s vast collection, you will always find your perfect pair!

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    We are confident that Payne Glasses is the best place to satisfy all your eyewear needs and to “express your passion with a new fashion!” Payne has eyeglasses and sunglasses for every taste.

    What’s your style? Retro? Funky and unique? Classic? Modern and sleek? Payne will meet your unique style with designs that pair with your personality and fashion preferences. With Payne’s incredibly low prices along with the fastest eyeglass delivery in the market, you can coordinate your eyewear with your outfit for every occasion. 

    Bonus: We add new eyeglass styles every week. So, what’s the special theme for next week? And stop by often to check out our New Arrivals, which include the latest and greatest seasonal styles, colors and designs that will make your wardrobe pop!

    Payne’s E-Gift Cards? Yes, Please!

    With our huge selection of sunglasses and blue light glasses, Payne Glasses is the perfect place for you to buy seasonal and all-occasion presents for friends and family.

    Purchasing something as personal as eyeglasses can be a difficult task, however, particularly when you’re not sure about their style preferences. For this reason, our E-gift cards offer the freedom for gift recipients to select their most loved specs. They are a fantastic holiday and special occasion gift option!

    Payne’s Progressive Lenses Specialties

    Payne is the leading specialist in many progressive lens designs to fully optimize your vision. Very much like wearing the right kind of specialized footwear for a sports activity, there are different kinds of progressive lens designs that are suitable for your unique vision needs. Our popular Beginner’s Progressives help those who are new to progressive lens adjust easily. Office & Computer progressives are optimized for workstation vision and have two viewing areas: near (for reading distances) and intermediate (up to 14 feet away). Drive Progressives are designed to safely view side mirrors, dashboard instruments and the road.

    Sport Progressives are designed to provide optimal vision during outdoor activities like golf, providing enhanced vision correction in both the near and intermediate fields.

    Near Enhanced Progressives are uniquely designed. Every lens design is specially designed for the comfort of your eyes and for seeing clearly.

    You can find a virtually endless selection of eyeglasses at Payne. We have glasses for all members of your family: Men, Women and Children. We have a vast array of styles and colors as well, including Rainbow glasses, Trendy styles,, Casual glasses, Vintage,Clip-on glasses, Protective and safety goggles, Active eyeweareven an Premium Boutique . And Payne isn’t just all about prescription eyeglasses, either. In addition to the best prescription eyewear online, we carry a large selection of nonprescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, novelty glasses and blue light glasses.

    Payne Glasses is Committed to Being the Best Online Eyeglasses Retailer

    Payne Glasses is an industry-leading provider of eyeglass lenses and high-quality frames at the most competitive prices on the market. We’re not only dedicated to bringing our customers the best products and varied styles, we’re intent on providing the best customer service and the fastest delivery you’ll find online. In addition, we pride ourselves on being an industry problem solver. We were the first to introduce photochromic blue blockers before anyone else in the online eyeglass market. We also are one of the first online eyeglass retailers to offer 1.74-high index lenses, designed for those customers with strong prescriptions who want a lighter, thinner lens (eliminating the “coke bottle” lens appearance) — without sacrificing their vision. We were the first  to offer light-responsive blue blocker lenses as well, which protect your eyes from HEV light emitted from the sun and electronic devices.

    In addition to our fantastic selection, superb service and fast turnaround, we want everyone who needs a pair of prescription glasses has access to our products. If you or someone you know is in need of glasses but aren’t able to afford them, check out our People Helping People Program.

     Customer satisfaction is Payne’s be-all and end-all priority. We are committed to providing you the best selection, the best value, superb customer service and the fastest delivery. And we firmly believe that there’s always a suitable pair for you here! Seeing is worth believing.



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