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    Eyeglasses vs Contacts – The benefits of wearing glasses over contact lenses

    If you need prescription lenses to see well, you’re faced with the decision of whether to purchase contact lenses or glasses. The 1980s saw the introduction of soft contact lenses for extended wear and disposable soft contact lenses, and their popularity increased dramatically. Many people liked the look, feel and vision improvement provided by contact lenses.

    These days, however, glasses are not just a means for eye correction, but a fashion statement. There are so many styles available, and many people enjoy wearing them. Using affordable, high-quality sources for versatile styles from Payne Glasses, people can purchase more than one pair to create different looks. As you consider your options for corrective lenses, consider these benefits of wearing glasses versus contact lenses.

    1. Glasses are low-maintenance. Unlike contact lenses, glasses don’t require a lot of care. Glasses might require a screw tightening once in a while and a bit of surface cleaning, whereas contacts require solution cleaning and special storage. 
    2. Glasses require little time to put on. Even with contacts you can wear overnight, there’s some time involved in putting them into your eyes. Glasses, on the other hand, are just grab-and-go. Set them on your nightstand, and put them on in the morning.
    3. The same lenses can adjust for light, distance and other conditions. Glasses are so versatile. The same pair of glasses can adjust for distance in bifocals or progressive lenses. There are even blue light glasses to help with computer, laptop and smartphone reading, and light-responsive glasses that darken in bright sunlight. Contact lenses offer some multifocal capacity, but they’re more difficult to use because they tend to shift when people blink, which affects vision correction.   
    4. Glasses are relatively durable. These days, glasses are very durable. Purchase high-quality frames and lenses, take care of them, and you can keep them for a long time. Contacts, on the other hand, are easy to tear and damage.
    5. Glasses won’t damage or irritate eyes. Debris on a contact lens can irritate the eyes, as can the act of putting contacts in. Contacts can also contribute to conditions like conjunctivitis, dry eye, corneal hypoxia, scratched corneas and allergic reactions. With glasses, there’s no need to touch the eye area and risk irritation.  
    6. Glasses are easier to keep clean than contacts. Glasses simply wipe clean with a soft cloth, whereas contacts require a special cleaning solution. What’s more, if you’re at work and without extra contacts or cleaning solution, you likely have to head home to correct the problem. It’s a lot easier to wipe off your glasses and continue with your day.
    7. Glasses are stylish. Gone are the days of calling someone “four eyes.” These days, glasses are in style. There are so many colors and shapes to choose from. They offer a way to make a fashion statement, where contact lenses do not. Browse Payne’s popular trendy glasses or vintage glasses. Shop by frame color, frame shape or frame style or frame material to get the look you want.





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