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    The perfect styles glasses for your wedding

    If you’re a person who wears glasses every day, that shouldn’t have to change on your wedding day. Some people may feel pressure to remove their glasses or wear contacts for their wedding, but this could be a risky move; instead, you’ll want to feel comfortable, stylish and confident in a great pair of glasses with your own prescription.

    That doesn’t mean you have to wear your standard, everyday glasses though – your wedding is a special day, and you want to feel your very best. We’re here to help you choose the perfect pair of glasses for your wedding, no matter your budget or your personal style. Here are just a few great options to choose from.

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    Horn-Rimmed Glasses

    There are few glasses styles more timeless than the horn-rimmed frame, and for your wedding day, these are an option that will never go out of style – even when you look back on your wedding photos decades later. These eyeglasses for men and women feature a thick horn rim either around the entire lens or just part of the lens, creating an elegant and classy look that accessorizes your dress or tuxedo.

    Vintage Glasses

    From cat-eye glasses evoking the 1950s to wire-framed glasses with a 1920s appeal, vintage glasses are sure to make a classic statement at your wedding. If you’re looking for a more understated appeal, choose something in a metal or neutral frame; for a pair that makes a statement, go wild with bright colors and avant-garde shapes.

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    Round Glasses

    Equal parts trendy and timeless, round glasses are back in style in a big way. If you’re looking to upgrade your tried-and-true frames for something a bit more fashionable for your wedding day, this style looks good on just about everyone. Whether you decide on a pair with tortoiseshell frames, colorful frames or metal frames, you can’t go wrong with round eyeglasses.

    Steampunk Glasses

    If your style leans more toward the unique, creative steampunk vibe, you’ll want the glasses to match. Invest in a pair of metal glasses with geometric embellishments, tiny, circular frames or edgy aviators to stay on-theme with your steampunk wedding. You may even want to purchase a few pairs for guests to wear in the photo booth!


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    Are you having an outdoor or destination wedding? Then you may want to opt for a stylish pair of sunglasses instead. While many people may not consider the effect the sun will have on their big day, it’s far better to be prepared for those bright UV rays (and to hide your eyes if you shed a tear or two). Choose a pair of classic aviator frames if you’re going for a cool, understated look, oversized shades for a glamorous appeal, or invest in a classic oval style for the entire bridal party to wear. Payne Glasses carries an affordable, high-quality selection of sunglasses for men and sunglasses for women that are sure to fit the bill.



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