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    Men’s casual style eyeglasses for 2022

    Are you looking to upgrade your eyeglasses?

    You’re likely looking for the latest styles to keep up with current eyeglasses trends, which is why we’re rounding up the top men’s casual eyeglasses styles for 2022. Just like in the world of fashion, eyeglass trends are always changing – but luckily, Payne Glasses stays on top of the most popular trends for each and every year.

    Whether you’re more of a classic, understated eyeglass wearer or you’re looking for a pair that will really accessorize your look, here are the top men’s eyeglasses styles for 2022.

    Round Eyeglasses

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    Equal parts chic and cool, round eyeglasses offer an intellectual look that isn’t trying too hard. They come in a variety of sizes, from tiny circles to larger, more subtle round styles, and you can choose between metal frames and thicker acetate frames for different types of looks. Because there are so many different types of round eyeglasses, this eyeglass style truly works for everyone – just make sure to find the shape and size that’s right for your face.

    Aviator Eyeglasses

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    Aviator eyeglasses are bringing the ’80s back in a big way! While these types of eyeglasses used to be deemed “dad glasses”, this year, they’re one of the most popular eyeglass trends. The bigger, the better when it comes to rocking this look, so be sure to choose a pair that really makes a statement. We’d recommend wearing them with your coolest flannel shirt, a pair of vintage jeans and high-top sneakers.

    Clear Eyeglasses

    With a cool, futuristic style, clear eyeglasses make a statement without trying too hard (or even looking very noticeable). This is a popular trend for 2022 that works for just about everyone, and thanks to the clear acetate of the frames, these types of eyeglasses show off your eyes and match just about any outfit. They also come in nearly every shape and style, so you can simply stick with the shape that you already know works for you.

    Oversized Eyeglasses

    If you’ve spotted paparazzi photos of your favorite celebrities this year, you may notice that they all have one thing in common: oversized eyeglasses. While oversized sunglasses have long been a favorite Hollywood fashion trend, this year, even prescription eyeglasses are becoming a whole lot larger. We recommend starting with a classic square frame in an oversized style, as this is a shape that’s flattering and classic on just about everyone.

    Blue Light Eyeglasses

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    Meant more for function than fashion, blue light eyeglasses are still some of the trendiest glasses for 2022. Just about everyone is investing in a pair of blue light-blocking frames, which can help to protect your eyes from the tiring and potentially harmful blue light from your computer or phone screen. And whether you’re looking for a business-casual pair for the office or a fun, funky pair to wear at home, Payne Glasses has tons of great styles to choose from.



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