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    Women’s casual style eyeglasses for 2022

    For fashion-forward women who wear glasses on the regular, having the right pair of frames is important. Styles change from year to year, so you want to stay on top of the latest glasses trends – and for 2022, there are a ton of great women’s casual eyeglasses to choose from.

    Whether your style is glamorous or a bit cooler and more laid-back, here are the women’s eyeglasses you’ll want to know for 2022. Once you find the styles you like, shop them all for affordable prices from Payne Glasses.

    Cat-Eye Glasses

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    With a touch of 1950s flair and a totally modern twist, cat-eye glasses are back in a big way for 2022. You’ve likely seen your favorite stylish celebrities wearing these in the form of sunglasses, but if you’re in the market for a new pair of eyeglasses, the cat eye style is also flattering and on-trend in the form of everyday eyeglasses.

    Aviator Glasses

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    It may not seem like the most feminine style, but aviator glasses are popping up more and more on fashionable ladies across every big city. This unexpected style has a vintage touch and a hipster appeal, and the oversized frames make them super comfortable for everyday wear. This is the kind of eyeglasses style you’ll want to wear for an effortless, model-off-duty look.

    Blue Light Glasses

    One of the biggest trends in women’s eyeglasses for 2022? Blue light glasses, which help to protect your eyes from fatigue and damage caused by the screen of your computer. With so many people working longer hours from home or heading back to the office, these are an essential on any woman’s desk. With so many stylish frames to choose from, you’ll feel like these are more fashion than function.

    Geometric Glasses

    Fun, funky and full of personality, geometric glasses make you actually want to wear your glasses on a daily basis. This style is a huge trend for 2022 thanks to its cool and unexpected appeal, and with so many different types of geometric frames, you can truly stand out from the crowd. Stylish women love this trend with a wire frame, as it helps to tone down the wild shape of the glasses.

    Semi-Rimless Glasses

    This year, it’s all about throwback ’90s style – and semi-rimless glasses are right on trend. You may remember this type of glasses style from your middle school days, but semi-rimless glasses are turning up more and more on some of the most fashion-forward actresses, models and influencers. Choose a style that’s thin and minimal for a ’90s look that’s still totally cool in 2022.

    Round Glasses

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    They’ve been in for a few years now, but it doesn’t look like round glasses are going away any time soon. This universally flattering eyeglasses style is easy to wear and feels totally classic, so if you snag a pair in a neutral tortoiseshell or clear frame, it’s likely that you’ll wear them for years to come.



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