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    Top Women’s Eyeglasses Trends 2022

    It’s time to reveal the top women’s eyeglasses trends for 2022. If you’re looking for some stylish glasses to help you shine on the street, you’ll find plenty of great suggestions in this guide. Here are the four types of frames for you to choose from based on 2022 trends for eyeglasses.


    1. Oversized eyeglasses


    Big and oversized glasses are always one of the best choices for trendy glasses for women. They are designed to be interesting and engaging, which can highlight your unique personality in a noticeable way.


    There are different shapes in oversized glasses, so this style certainly isn’t limited to a single specific style. To complement various face shapes, you can choose from different shapes of oversized glasses such as square, round or oval to help you enhance your look.


    The ideal face shape for oversized glasses is the oval or round face, but you can use oversized glasses to stand out in the crowd no matter what face shape you have!

    A woman talking on a cellphone, wearing tortoiseshell glasses with large frames.

    2. Clear eyeglasses


    If oversized glasses feel a little too bold for your personal style, consider choosing clear eyeglasses instead. These trendy eyeglasses offer a subtle option, but you can still wear them in a unique way. Based on the different face shapes, different types of clear glasses help to highlight your facial features in a very flattering manner.


    The ideal face shapes for clear eyeglasses are round and oval faces since these glasses can help balance your face. However, anyone can use a pair of simple and chic clear frames to help enhance their natural beauty!

    A woman wearing glasses with clear frames.

    3. Cat-eye eyeglasses


    Cat-eye glasses are always a perfect fit if you want to play up a flirty, feminine look. Cat-eye glasses can make women look sexier with their retro-inspired design and even create an intelligent, mysterious appearance.


    The ideal face shape for these stylish eyeglasses is the diamond-shaped face. Because this face shape typically has a narrow forehead, cat-eye glasses’ wide appearance can help balance the face for a proportional and flattering look.

    A woman wearing glasses with black cat eye-style frames.

    4. Tortoiseshell eyeglasses


    Also known as horn-rimmed glasses, tortoiseshell eyeglasses are some the best-sellers in women’s eyewear. In fact, we expect that these will be among the most popular glasses for women for a long time, so keep an eye out for them on 2023 glasses trend roundups. Tortoiseshell glasses are designed with honey-yellow and warm brown wooden tones, which can enhance and highlight your facial features.


    Any face shape works well with tortoiseshell glasses. Consider whether the shape of your frames in flattering to your face shape to find the perfect fit. Some people will prefer a larger, rounded frame, while others like the look of smaller, rectangular frames in this pattern.


    These top four eyeglasses for 2022 can give your appearance a boost and help you turn heads. If you’re looking for 2022 glasses and beyond, keep these trends in mind as you shop for stylish glasses for women at Payne Glasses!

    A woman drinking a cup of coffee, wearing tortoiseshell-patterned glasses.



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