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    Trendy Eyeglasses for 2022

    White text reading 2019 Customer Favorites – New Year, New You against a pink background. Graphic includes an illustration of glasses frames and a hand holding a cocktail glass full of glitter.

    Year in Review

    The results are finally in! After another year of exceptional style, we’ve taken a look at the frames of every size and shape that really made you say “wow!” Take a look at the list below to find out about the top frames of 2019 (many of which remain popular glasses styles in 2022!).


    Oval Winner: Windsor Oval (Twice in a Row!)

    A pair of black glasses with oval-shaped frames.


    Price: From $5.95
    Colors: Black and Clear
    What We Love: This is a trendy frame with an amazing shape that looks great on everyone.
    Description: These elegantly designed clear frames make for the perfect accessory to your business or casual apparel. The Windsor’s thin, sloping brow line with an overall boxy shape makes for an attractive frame that is naturally flattering to any face shape.
    Second Place: Katie Oval


    Cat Eye Winner: Athena Cat Eye

    A pair of purple and white glasses with cat eye-shaped frames.

    Price: From $19.95
    Colors: Two-Tone/Multicolor and Floral
    What We Love: With both the soft florals and the sleek ombre look, this pair of glasses is simply stunning.
    Description: Unlock your inner goddess with these lovely new frames! The Athena Cat-Eye will have you feeling graceful, elegant and even a little sexy. You’ll feel ready to take on the world in this perfect pair of glasses!
    Second Place: Simone Cat Eye


    Rectangle Winner: Callie Rectangle

    A pair of black-framed Callie Rectangle glasses.

    Price: From $5.95
    Colors: Clear and Black
    What We Love: These chunky modern frames feature a smooth look that’s undeniably sophisticated.
    Description: The Callie frames offer a chic take on the classic rectangular frame. With softly rounded edges, the sweeping curves of Callie add a touch of grandeur. Plus, unique construction ensures a modern look and feel. The durable plastic construction lends a smooth sheen, and the frames come in a variety of colors so you can find a great hue to complement your wardrobe or your skin tone.
    Second Place: Selena Rectangle


    Round Winner: Vee Round

    A pair of Vee Round tortoiseshell-print glasses.

    Price: From $5.95
    Colors: Brown and Blue
    What We Love: These glasses feature a fun shape with a stunning tortoiseshell pattern in both colors.
    Description: The Vees are like no other! These circular frames are designed to set you apart from the crowd and turn heads no matter where you go. And they feature a unique, richly detailed pattern with a dazzling array of swirls and spots against a bright blue or brown background. Sturdy plastic construction ensures durability as well as a polished sheen.
    Second Place: Rojo Round


    Square Winner: McKinley Square

    A pair of glasses with blue McKinley Square frames.

    Price: From $8.95
    Colors: Blue and Black
    What We Love: There’s no denying that these oversized frames are brilliantly bold in both colors.
    Description: Mod, classic and stylish, the McKinley Square is the perfect look for any outfit. With the chunky style, complementary colors and comfortable and lightweight fit, what’s not to love? It makes an instant fashion statement in any setting.
    Second Place: Rogan Square


    Classic Square Winner: Cairo Classic Square

    A pair of glasses with tortoiseshell Cairo Classic Square frames.

    Price: From $17.95
    Colors: Tortoise and Black
    What We Love: These eyeglasses feature a fresh style with a chic color-block pattern.
    Description: Chunky, tortoise and a pop of color? Sign us up! The Cairo Classic Square checks off some of our favorite boxes, including a super-comfy fit and stellar look! You won’t be disappointed when you choose these as your primary pair of glasses.
    Second Place: Kellen Classic Square


    Browline Winner: Cafe Browline

    A pair of glasses with black Cafe Browline frames.

    Price: From $13.95
    Colors: Black, Yellow and White
    What We Love: You’ll get a sophisticated and modern look in all three colors.
    Description: The browline and rectangle glasses styles got together and made the perfect frame! Cafe Rectangle is a stellar combination of strength and subtlety that you’ll love.
    Second Place: Damon Browline


    Aviator Winner: Memphis Aviator

    A pair of aviator-style glasses.

    Price: From $9.95
    Colors: Gray, Yellow and Clear
    What We Love: You’ll feel in charge and in style with all three colors.
    Description: The Memphis Aviator is a sleek frame with the classic double bridge and thin profile. These stunners are perfect for your next pair of sunglasses, or you can give them a try as clear lenses!
    Second Place: Atwood Aviator


    Rimless Winner: Ricky Rimless

    A pair of rimless glasses.

    Price: From $22.95
    Colors: Black, Brown and Yellow
    What We Love: Subtle and minimalist, these glasses combine with any outfit with ease.
    Description: These lightweight and flexible frames are sure to brighten your face. The rectangular rimless lenses offer a seamless transition onto the rest of your facial features. The temples are nicely designed with two cutouts to allow for even more comfort any time they are worn.
    Second Place: Remi Rimless


    Geometric Winner: Studio Geometric

    A pair of glasses with slightly hexagonal-shaped frames.

    Price: From $8.95
    Colors: White, Black and Pink
    What We Love: These glasses have a unique shape that adds flair to every outfit.
    Description: You’ll always be photoshoot-ready in this perfect pair! With its unique design, lightweight style and comfortable fit, the Studio Geometric will bring out the glamor in any wearer. Whether you are using them as progressives or even a simple pair of blue-blockers, you will look stunning in these frames.
    Second Place: Everly Geometric


    How Did Yours Rate?

    Did you see your frame in the top 10 or honorable mentions? Fortunately, many of these styles will continue to be popular for years to come. Glasses trends may be “of the moment,” but the ones mentioned in this list are certain to stick around for a while, so shop away! At factory prices, we make it possible to pick a frame for every look you have in mind. We’re looking forward to finding out what frames our customers love in 2022, as well as the 2023 glasses trends and beyond! Make your own guesses below in the comments!





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