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    Virtual Try On: How to Try Glasses On Online

    how to virtual try on glasses
    how to virtual try on glasses

    We’re all spending more time at home these days. Things we would never have considered doing at home a year ago – like conducting office meetings or teaching our kids – are now happening with the internet.

    Virtual concerts and dates are one thing. But what about trying on glasses online? Payne Glasses makes it easy to find the latest glasses for men or new eyewear arrivals for women online at a fraction of the retail price most doctor’s offices charge. We also make it easy for you to find your perfect fit without leaving your couch or dining room table with our Virtual Try On feature.

    Why Try On Glasses Online?

    Choosing glasses frames at home is a matter of both safety and convenience.

    • Safety:
      • No risk of coming into contact with high-touch public surfaces
      • No need to worry about social distancing
      • No need to wear a mask
    • Convenience:
      • Compare different styles directly on your (virtual) face
      • See color choices side by side,
      • Snap a photo you and share it with family and friends to get opinions on your new look
      • Take virtual frames on and off
      • Set your pupillary distance (PD) to get a more accurate fit
      • It’s easy and free!

    Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to try glasses on online with Virtual Try On:

    1. Browse our collections of men’s, women’s and children’s frames, and select “save” on frames you’d like to try on.
    2. On a frame’s product page, click the Try On option to begin your session.
    3. Enter your pupillary distance (PD) if you have it on your doctor’s prescription, or select “Try Without PD” if you don’t.
    4. Once your image appears on the screen via your computer’s web cam, you can:
      • Try the different frame color options displayed at the bottom of the screen
      • Choose the Frame Comparison option (denoted by two vertical lines || at the top of the screen) to see two color options side by side
      • Adjust the position of the frame bridge on your nose and the rotation of the frame stems over your ears
      • Use the dropdown menu to see how anti-reflective, photochromic and other lens options will look in the frame
      • Snap a pic of the frames on your face and share it with family or friends to get their opinions on how they suit you.


    1. When you’re done with that frame, select Close Try On to return to the product page.
    2. Try on as many frames as you like with Virtual Try On until you find the right frame for you!
    3. Create a no-obligation account to save your favorite frames and continue the selection process at your convenience.

    Once you’ve found your winning frame, it’s just as easy to order your prescription glasses online at Payne Glasses. You can also order nonprescription glasses as a fashionable accessory or as blue blockers to protect your eyes while using digital devices.

    Before you know it, your high-quality glasses will arrive at your door. Get ready to see the world in a whole new light with Payne Glasses!



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