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    What Glasses Are in Style For 2020?

    What Glasses Are in Style For 2020?

    Trends in Women’s Glasses

    Givenchy Frames

    The first big trend in women’s glasses is the ‘oversized’ frames! However, this most likely won’t come as a shock to most people as this is a trend which has survived the last few years too. The glasses above are the Givenchy GV0047’s, this shows that even some of the highest brands are following these trends closely. 

    Transparent Oversized Frames

    Furthermore, another trend that developed last year and has expanded massively this year is transparent frames. Warm undertones are often seen in conjunction with these frames, these are generally seen to match some tones that are seen in makeup. 

    The final key trend that has appeared in glasses in 2020 is that the frames are largely either rectangular or circular. This is a trend that can also be seen throughout clothing and interior design with lots of basic shapes cropping up in plenty of designs.

    Trends in Men’s Glasses

    The latest trends in men’s glasses have been well documented by GQ magazine, this magazine article shows that big, expensive brands are leading the way in what becomes the most popular glasses frames. 

    As with the women’s glasses trends, the most prominent style for glasses is having large lenses. In terms of men’s glasses, it shows that around the lenses, the most popular glasses frames tend to be one of two things – either, thick frames in a block colour or tortoise shell or they will be really thin with metallic tones. One design by Gucci shows both of these latest trends in one pair of glasses, shown below.

    Gucci Frames

    Another trend that can be seen in men’s glasses is the use of angular frames. Having these angles on the frames will draw a lot more attention to the glasses. Also, if you have a slightly softer face shape, wearing glasses with an angular frame can help to bring more proportion to your facial features.

    Dior Frames

    How To Decide Which Glasses Work For You

    Choosing the right glasses is an important decision to make and this is why it’s something you have to put a lot of thought into. There’s three key things you need to consider when deciding which glasses to buy, these include; your face shape, your hairstyle and your general clothing style. 

    In terms of understanding which styles suit your face shape, you first need to know which of the most common shapes most matches yours. There are five main shapes, these include; oval, round, square, heart and oblong. Some face shapes will have multiple styles which will work with them, however, others may need a bit more searching to find a pair of glasses which work best for you.

    When you’re on your search for new glasses, try on as many pairs as possible – whether this is in person or over the internet by using a virtual service that some companies provide for you to try and see what they would look like on you. This is an important step as glasses are something which you will most likely be wearing and relying on a large amount, so ensuring you’ve made the right choice is key. 



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