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    What Are Sport Progressives?

    Sport progressives provide a panoramic view for distance along with optimized zones for intermediate and near vision.

    Tired of missing your mark due to inadequate vision? Get back into the swing of things with Sport Progressives!

    What They Are

    Our sport progressives are optimized for dynamic distance vision designed for sports and outdoor activities. The lenses supply a wide distance field along with a comfortable zone for intermediate and near vision.

    What They Do

    The power distribution that these lenses encompass provide sufficient vision in both the near and intermediate fields. This design enables a crucial quality for sports by maintaining its successful ergonomics and prolonged efficiency. For this reason, these lenses are ideal for recreational outdoor activities and focused sports like golfing, archery, and many more!

    Sport progressives will have you on target and in focus for any activity!

    How They’ll Help You

    Due to its advanced technology, sport progressives create an ideal visual quality by providing high definition gaze in all directions. This creates a panoramic field of vision in the distance portion with optimized near and intermediate zones. Sport progressives also allow for a minimum amount of peripheral distortion, high visual acuity over the entire lens, and an enjoyable and natural view of vision!

    Make your sport even better with these specialized lenses!



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