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    What Are Drive Progressives?

    Drive progressives help you stay safe on the road!

    Signs, headlights, and weather, oh my! The act of driving can be rough in itself, which is why it’s paramount to be able to see clearly. With driving progressives, they will ease your mind and improve your vision at the same time!

    What They Are

    We designed our driving progressives to keep your vision clear and help you drive without unnecessary head movement. Due to the special location of mirrors and dashboard, the lens power is distributed to provide a generous distance portion with decreased intermediate and reading areas.

    You can see your mirrors without turning away from the road with drive progressives.

    What They Do

    Drive Progressives supply wearers with extended areas of peripheral, intermediate, and distance vision, allowing better focus on the dashboard and road. The lens design provides superior visual acuity when driving while additionally reducing stress and visual fatigue. These factors are a common occurrence when driving at night, which is why these lenses have an enhanced design that is beneficial for night driving.

    Both zones are optimized for driving!

    How They’ll Help You

    Did you know that 43% of drivers feel apprehensive or insecure while driving at night? If you find yourself included in this response, not to worry! Night myopia, which causes a loss of the ability to focus on objects at night, affects 1 in 3 wearers. The good news is that there are solutions to this, drive progressives being one of them! In addition to our lenses having an optimized zone specific for night myopia, the lenses also have a 45% larger visual field in the distance and intermediate portion, along with having over 14% less lateral astigmatism. These benefits make your vision better while driving in every way and with all lighting conditions!

    See clearly and stay safe with drive progressives!



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