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    How Do I Choose Sunglasses?

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    Sunglass tinted prescription eyewear

    Sunglasses are great. They shield your eyes from the sun, they help you see clearly, and they look great. Unfortunately, if you wear prescription glasses, you know how hard it can be to find a pair of sunglasses that works well for you. 

    Luckily for you, any pair of Payne Glasses can be ordered with a sunglass tint by making a few extra clicks. We’ll show you how.

    Should I get Solid tint or Gradient tint?

    First let’s talk about the types of tint we offer. 

    Solid Tinting

    Solid tinting means that the entire lens is going to be a consistent level of tint from the top of the lens to the bottom of the lens. If you’re going to be using the glasses for outdoor activities, especially fishing, snow sports, or anything else where the sun may reflect back upward from ground level, a solid tint is probably best for you. Our sunglasses are tinted at around 75%-80%.

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    Tinted Prescription Glasses

    Gradient Tinting

    Gradient tinting means that the tinting will be darkest at the top of the lens, and will gradually move to a very light at the bottom of the lens. They generally start at 60% or darker at the top and blend to 30% or lighter at the bottom. The percentages vary depending on the height of the lens. 

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    Gradient Tint on prescription glasses


    Which color tint is right for me?


    Gray tints help with color perception, and they reduce fatigue and glare. It’s the most popular tint because it provides the best defense against the sun and glare from reflections.

    Gray Tinted Lenses


    Brown tint enhances contrast. This tint will change the color of objects, but the objects may stand also out a bit more.

    Brown Tinted Lenses


    Green tints are great for low-light conditions. They help to diminish glare, brighten shadows, and help improve visual sharpness. They are especially useful when playing sports.

    Green Tinted Lenses

    How Do I Order?

    Now the real heart of the issue: How do you order?

    1. Find a pair of sunglasses you like.

    2. Choose the type of prescription lens you want (single vision, progressive, bifocal, reading, or non-prescription).

    3. Enter your prescription information.

    4. Select the Lens Type (light responsive, gradient lens tint, or sunglasses).If you choose sunglasses, you can also choose standard, polarized ,mirrored tinted, or mirrored polarized.

    5. Choose the lens options and color that suits you.

    Now you can finish up your order and check out. In a week or so, you’ll be walking around in your new pair!




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