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    What Glasses Should I Wear To My Wedding?

    Wedding Glasses 101

    You said yes! Yes to the love of your life, yes to the dress, and now thinking of saying yes to the glasses. It is a common myth that the bride either has to wear contacts on the wedding day or else be blind. If you feel most comfortable and the most “you” when wearing glasses (like us), you should definitely enjoy those good vibes on your big day! Here’s a few of our styles that we think may be perfect for brides of every style (and some suggestions for your groom too)!


    Clear glasses are a good choice for your wedding look! (The Katie)

    Look chic and classic with any pair of our clear frames! Our translucent styles will put your mind at ease by pairing perfectly with every dress choice. Not to mention with the style’s rising popularity, you’ll certainly be trending in more ways than one!
    Suggestions: Katie Oval, Midas Round, or Hanover Oval

    For the Groom: Rogan Square

    Pretty In Pink

    Try a touch of pink on your special day!

    A soft and graceful look with a touch of pink will make you even more of a blushing bride! From our rosy shades to our hotter pink shades, you’ll definitely find the perfect tone for you!

    Suggestions: Betty Round, Gretchen Oval, or Elliot Oval

    For the Groom: Elliot Oval (Black) to match!

    Something Blue

    Blue Glasses are a great idea for your wedding. (The Galaxy)

    Still searching for the final piece of the saying? Find your treasured blue (and something new) with us! With our wide variety of blues, we’ve got you covered for any style you’re looking for!

    Suggestions: Galaxy Rectangle, Stellar Oval, or Gina Round

    For the Groom: Foster Oval (Blue)


    Be bold and choose a pop of color for your wedding glasses (The Yolanda)

    This is your day to stand out and be the center of everyone’s attention. If you want to embrace that for all it’s worth, do it boldly, starting with your glasses! You are sure to have all eyes on you in one of our bright and stylish frames of every color!

    Suggestions: Yolanda Oval, Patagonia Oval, or Simone Square

    For the Groom: McKinley Square (Blue)


    Rimless glasses will help your face stand out on your wedding day.

    If you’re looking for a more minimalist look, a rimless pair is the simplest way to go! The eyes are the windows to the soul, and your guests will have a perfect view when you wear one of our sleek rimless pairs!

    Suggestions: Christina Rimless, Jennie Rimless, or Christina Rimless

    For the Groom: Finesse Rimless 


    Tortoise is always a stylish choice (The leland)

    We’re convinced that the tortoise color will never go out of style, and you’ll definitely be in style in one of our classic frames! With being both sophisticated and bold, it’s official: you can’t go wrong with this choice.

    Suggestions: Leland Rectangle, Colton Oval, or Rojo Round 

    For the Groom: Vee Round


    Metal frames are sturdy, but can also be minimalist and stylish. (The Moscato)

    Whether they’re round, oval, or even aviators, a metal frame is another one that’ll always be a classic and always have you looking sharp. Not only will you look good, but with our adjustable nose pads, they’ll be comfortable to wear all day on your big day!

    Suggestions: Moscato Round, Scarlett Round, or Cooper Oval

    For the Groom: Wesley Round


    Cat-eye frames will stand out on your wedding day. (The Balmoral)

    There’s just something about a cat-eye. Fierce, flirty, and fabulous are just the first things to come to mind! We have plenty of popular styles on our site that could be the perfect one to pair with your look! And plenty of Browline styles available for your groom to match your level of style!

    Suggestions: Balmoral Cat-Eye, Athena Cat-Eye, or Sabrina Cat-Eye

    For the Groom: Monroe Browline

    For your Groom

    Help your groom find some glasses for the wedding too! (The Hope)

    We couldn’t leave out your groom! Help your partner find the perfect pair by browsing our site to find some classic styles! We have plenty of options, whether your groom is looking for something tried-true and classic or for a more unique look. Together, we’re sure you two will find the perfect match, aside from each other of course! Here’s a few of our favorites:

    -Venice Rectangle
    -Windsor Oval
    -Cafe Browline
    -Daniel Rectangle
    -Remi Rimless
    -Arnold Rectangle
    -Walker Oval
    -Lombard Rectangle



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