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    Which Frames Did Our Customers Love in 2018

    2018 Customer Favorites

    Year In Review

    Now that 2018 is in the rearview mirror, we can properly put 2018 in review. Even the casual culture observer knows styles cycle in and out, and the frames our customers loved last year were no exception. It was both a future and retrograde year when it came to frame fashion—it put a modern spin on frames from the 60s, 80s, and early 90s. Without any further adieu, see what frame styles our customers loved in 2018!

    Ready to kick off 2019 with a new you? Check out our 2019 styles or snatch up the 2018 styles that aren’t stopping:


    Windsor Oval in Clear


    • PRICE: $5.95
    • Colors: Black and Clear
    • Face Shape: Square, Heart, Diamond, and Oval
    • What We Love: Trendy transparent frame & Oval is the rock star shape that looks great on everyone

    By and far, our Windsor Oval secured the top slot in not only the oval category but as our top seller of 2018. Available in black and clear, the clear version clearly (har!) took the lead. We took a moment to contemplate why the Windsor lapped its competition but didn’t take long. The Windsor clearly (har-har!) has three huge draws:

    It works for everyone.

    An oval frame looks great on nearly every face shape, specifically Square, Heart, Diamond, and—you guessed it—Oval! Traditional wisdom says the only odd one out of the oval frame party is the Round face, but we at Payne stress that confidence outshines shape any day. In other words: You absolutely love this look? Then it looks great on you!

    Trendy and flattering.

    Transparent frames are currently very popular and the clear version of the Windsor has the added benefit of being a thick, trendy frame whose color—or lack of it!—doesn’t detract from the best features of your face (which are all of them).

    Widest appeal.

    The Windsor has wide appeal across gender and age. Young and older generations alike picked up the Windsor last year, and we don’t see this trend slowing down.

    (Final draw: The price point. Seriously, how can you pass up all the above at $5.95? Its price and first place are proof that style can come at factory prices.)

    After all that, it’s no surprise that a frame with such wide appeal secured the #1 slot. The fact that it doesn’t dent the wallet doesn’t hurt, either. As the definitive reining champion of 2018, it’s also primed to keep its momentum through 2019. We’ll see what the people decide!

    Second PlaceLynn Oval

    Amore Cat-Eye in Black


    • PRICE: $5.95
    • Colors: Black and Pink
    • Face Shape: Heart and Diamond
    • What We Love: Sassy in both black and pink

    When we think of cat-eye frames, the sharp styles of the 1960s come to mind. But the frame actually first appeared in the 1930s as an attempt to make glasses feel less boring. It’s safe to say those industry-movers succeeded: the eye-catching style was snapped up by 60s cultural icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

    Though the 30s (and for that matter, the 60s) were decades ago, the cat-eye has made a comeback and adopted a few other modern style shticks: Larger frames, thick acetate or plastic, and sassy colors. However, this doesn’t mean traditional smaller and metal cat-eyes should be passed up—although our Amore Cat-Eye definitely fits the first description, our smaller and metal-rimmed Dee Cat-Eye secured a solid second place in this race to the top.

    So you’re feeling sassy and sophisticated, and want to channel your inner Monroe or Hepburn without the lavish lifestyle (this frame starts at $5.95!), this classy style is perfect for you.

    Second PlaceDee Cat-Eye


    • ★ PRICE: $5.95
    • • Colors: Black and Green
    • • Face Shape: Oval, Round, Heart, and Diamond
    • ★ What We Love: Bold and versatile

    You can’t walk past the Kent without taking note, and this is precisely why we think the Kent strode through 2018 with such popularity. Here are the major factors we think put the Kent ahead:

    Bold look. The thick black frames are a classy yet eye-catching look. While the black variety of these frames came out on top, we did note the green version was popular as a pair of sunglasses.

    Versatile shape. Much like the oval, rectangle frames look great on nearly everyone—Oval, Round, Heart, and Diamond faces, to be precise. The only face shape that may look a little square with the boxy Kent is, unsurprisingly, the Square face shape. But again, we stress that confidence can out-do conventional wisdom and if you love this frame style, you can rock it just as much as other face shapes do.

    Second PlaceSwirl Rectangle

    Betty Round


    • PRICE: $5.95
    • Colors: Pink
    • Face Shape: Oval, Round, Heart, and Diamond
    • What We Love: It brightens every room (and face!)

    Pink is an undoubted favorite when it comes to choosing a color that is vibrant and youthful. Our Betty Round also has the added benefit of being clear plastic, so not only does it brighten anyone’s face with a pop of color, but doesn’t wholly block or break up a face’s natural features like opaque frames can.

    Much like our other customer favorites, the Betty Round compliments a variety of face shapes. Coupling that with its price point, and we have a feeling that customers who are feeling playful are fitting on their Betty Rounds and owning their day.

    Second PlaceVee Round


    • ★ PRICE: $8.95
    • • Colors: Black
    • • Face Shape: Oval and Round
    • ★ What We Love: Classic round with an air of sophistication

    What we love about the Aurora is it brings sophistication to any wearer. Its stark black frame and distinctive nose bridge are the perfect tints of class and ready-for-business. Our customers love it, too!

    Once again at this price point, it’s not surprising that the Aurora was so popular among glasses wearers. We think that if square frames were more versatile (they pair great with Oval and Round faces), it would have reined even more supreme.

    Second PlaceMidnight Square

    Prestige Browline in Gray


    • PRICE: $8.95
    • Colors: Black and Gray
    • Face Shape: Oval, Round, Heart, and Diamond*
    • What We Love: The perfect emphasis on the eyebrows

    Browlines feel like the quintessential 50 – 60s style. This makes sense, considering they were created in 1947! Browlines come in a variety of frame shapes, but they all have a thicker upper frame that mimics eyebrows and emphasizes the wearer’s natural browline. Up till recently, browlines were associated either with decades past or nerd culture, but it’s since broken out into the mainstream again.

    Our Prestige carries an $8.95 price point, something its second place doesn’t quite share. So if you’re looking for both “the look” and the price, the Prestige is waiting for you!

    * A small note on the face shapes for the Prestige: because it’s a square frame, it pairs fantastically with faces that look great in squares. For round browlines such as the second-place Izzie, the matching face shape will change accordingly!

    Second PlaceHarper Browline

    Journey Aviator in Gold


    • PRICE: $16.95
    • Colors: Black, Gold, and Clear (Silver)
    • Face Shape: Diamond
    • What We Love: The perfect ready-to-kick-butt and take-names frame

    Recent pop culture places the aviators as an 80s favorite thanks to movies like Top Gun, but did you know General Douglas MacArthur was sporting a pair of aviator sunglasses when he landed in the Phillippines during World War II? It marked a major victory for the Allied forces and helped raise the frame to its kick-butt, take-names fame. Another fun fact is this frame style was designed for fighter pilots in 1936 to protect their eyes while flying (hence the name!).

    That said, if you’re ready channel your inner kick-butt persona or rock one of the most iconic shapes for sunglasses, you know which aviator is waiting for you.

    Second PlaceFlair Aviator

    Justice Rimless in Black


    • PRICE: $19.95
    • Colors: Brown and Clear (Silver)
    • Face Shape: Varies
    • What We Love: Timeless and minimalist

    Also called Benjamin Franklin-style frames, rimless glasses are classic and minimalist. While the 1800s throwback can’t be ignored, these frames are also modern favorites because of their minimalist style. The lack of a rim around the lenses can not only make these frames feel lighter but also not distract from the natural features of the face. Finally, it has the added effect of adding an intellectual vibe to its wearers!

    The only downside to rimless is because the lenses aren’t housed in a protective frame, their unique fragility can make them susceptible to cracking when dropped. This is why we recommend our durable polycarbonate lenses with this frame style, which can buff up its durability and let you enjoy this style at the same time.

    Second PlaceChristina Rimless

    Zest Circular in Black


    • PRICE: $16.95
    • Colors: Black and Yellow
    • Face Shape: Oval, Square, Round, and Santa
    • What We Love: A 1800s kickback with an eye-catching look

    We received several queries about this frame just as the end-of-year holiday season swung in. Why? Because professional Santas absolutely loved the classic circle style and bridge that rested directly on the nose. Now, we can’t say that only Santas raised the Zest to be the #1 in the circular category, but it’s somehow comforting to imagine an army of Santas out there nailing Old St. Nick’s look just right.

    Separate from that tidbit, circular frames are a timeless look that depending on the size, can work for a variety of face shapes. If Santa’s Zest Circular isn’t quite the circular style you’re looking for, consider our second place:

    Second PlaceRazz Circular

    Sera Oversized in Blue


    • PRICE: $19.95
    • Colors: Black, Blue, and Red
    • Face Shape: Varies
    • What We Love: Perfect for customers who love to go big or go home

    Our final 2018 style contender is the Sera, winner of the Oversized category because… well, she’s the only one of her kind. But that didn’t stop her from climbing the sales charts because customers were looking to go big or go home. If you love a wide frame, we found the look for you.

    How Did Yours Rate?

    Did you see your frame in the top ten or honorable mentions? Or do you love these styles and want them as your own? Fortunately for you, many of these styles will continue to be popular through 2019, so shop away! At factory prices, we make it possible to pick a frame for every you. We’re looking forward to finding out what frames our customers love in 2019 and already have our predictions. That said, our crystal ball is only so perfect, so we look forward to being pleasantly surprised!



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