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Exploring lens materials (index): What is right for you?

  • Selecting the perfect lens material is crucial for optimal vision and comfort. Our intuitive order process is designed to recommend the ideal lens index based on your prescription, frame style, and age, ensuring both clarity and style. For stronger prescriptions, higher index lenses are often recommended, providing thinner and lighter options.

    Conversely, lower index lenses strike a balance for milder prescriptions or smaller frames. If safety is a priority, consider our impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, ideal for active lifestyles and children's eyewear. To delve into the world of lens materials and their impact on your eyewear experience, explore our informative guide [here]

    While our opticians are available to assist, rest assured that our order process is designed to guide you to the best-recommended lens material for your specific needs. Your satisfaction remains our top priority.

Discovering sunglasses lenses: Your variety of choices & color

  • When it comes to sunglasses, the right lenses can transform your visual experience while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. At Payne Glasses, all of our sunglasses feature 100% UVA & UVB protection, and we offer a diverse selection of sunglass lenses to cater to your unique preferences and needs:

  • [Tinted Sunglasses]: Elevate your style and comfort with our range of tinted lenses. Choose from various tints to customize your look and reduce glare, enhancing your outdoor activities.

    [Polarized Sunglasses]: Embrace the ultimate glare reduction and improved clarity with our polarized lenses. Ideal for driving, water activities, and outdoor adventures, these lenses effectively eliminate blinding reflections.

    [Mirrored Sunglasses]: Add an extra touch of style to your sunglasses with our mirror lenses. These lenses not only reduce glare but also provide a fashionable and reflective appearance.

    Explore our [collection of sunglass lenses]: each designed to enhance your outdoor experience while providing essential UV protection.

Do you offer blue light blocking glasses?

  • Yes, our Blue Blockers effectively block harmful high-energy-visible (HEV) blue lights and UV rays. We provide a range of selections to suit your preferences and needs.

    Choose from various lens materials, including thin and light high-index lenses, as well as protective polycarbonate lenses. In addition to lens materials, you can select from functional options such as clear everyday lenses, Transitions/Photochromic lenses, and sunglasses.

    Learn more about the benefits of blue light protection [here]

Is adding blue light blocking to my glasses worth it?

  • Blue Blocker lenses are designed to filter out specific wavelengths of light, particularly High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light. This particular wavelength can be especially harmful to the retina. While it's present in all light sources, including natural sunlight, it's emitted in significantly higher concentrations from the sun.

    Additionally, HEV blue light is also emitted from artificial sources like compact fluorescent bulbs and LED screens, such as those on your laptop, tablet, phone, or TV.

    It's important to be aware that both natural and artificial light sources can expose your eyes to HEV blue light. Blue Blocker lenses are designed to reduce your exposure to this potentially harmful light, providing added protection for your eye health Starting at $15.95, our blue blockers include anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings.

Understanding blue light exposure

  • Blue light is emitted both indoors by modern digital devices and outdoors by natural sunlight. Prolonged exposure to blue light, particularly from screens like computers or smartphones, can contribute to issues such as headaches and eye fatigue. Additionally, extensive use of blue light-emitting devices late at night can disrupt the body's natural circadian rhythm, potentially affecting sleep quality.

    Payne's Blue Blockers are crafted using advanced lens technology to effectively filter and reduce exposure to harmful blue light. Our Blue Blockers are designed to block up to 98% of blue light in the 400-420nm range, which includes the most harmful part of the blue light spectrum. This helps minimize eye strain, improve visual comfort, and reduce potential sleep disturbances caused by blue light exposure.

Are blue blockers similar to traditional computer glasses?

  • Blocking blue light is an important feature to consider adding to glasses intended for computer use or all-day wear. Our Blue Blockers effectively filter blue light while maintaining a cosmetically clear appearance with virtually no color distortion. We also offer specialized solutions for enhanced computer vision, tailored for progressive and bifocal wearers. Explore these options to match your lifestyle and prescription needs [here]

Understanding progressive lenses: Your options

  • Progressive lenses, also known as no-line bifocals, seamlessly blend distance, intermediate, and near vision in one lens.

    Our progressive lenses utilize state-of-the-art digital free form design, customizing your prescription to your chosen frame. This technology partnership delivers unmatched clarity and comfort, greatly improving and expanding the usable viewing areas of the lens.

    Please note that all progressive lenses have some peripheral distortion due to the blending of multiple prescriptions in the lens. However, digital free form lenses significantly minimize this distortion, ensuring a more natural and comfortable viewing experience.

    Selecting Your Progressive Lens. Choose from a range of progressive lens designs [here]

    Discover standard and premium designs, along with lifestyle-focused functional lens options, including our specialized sports design which also serves as an excellent choice for sunglasses. Achieve clear, natural vision at every distance with Payne's progressive lenses. Our team is here to assist you in discovering the best lens solution tailored to your lifestyle.

Understanding Transitions/Photochromic Lenses: Your options

  • Transitions & Light Adapative "photochromic" lenses offer unparalleled convenience and protection by adapting to varying light conditions. As you explore your options, keep in mind the distinct features that set Transitions brand & other light adaptive lenses apart:

    Transitions Signature Lenses:Discover a range of six different colors that smoothly adjust to changing light conditions. These lenses darken outdoors and return to clear indoors.

    Transitions XTRActive Lenses:Experience the benefits of lenses that darken even while driving and offer extra darkening in hotter temperatures, ensuring optimal comfort and clarity.

    Photochromic Blue Blockers:Elevate your eyewear experience with our value-oriented Photochromic Blue Blockers. Shield your eyes from harmful High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light emitted by computer and phone screens. Starting at $33.95 for single vision lenses.

What's the difference between over the counter readers and prescription reading glasses?

  • Readers, often known as cheaters, magnifiers, or over-the-counter glasses, solely magnify text and are not intended for addressing vision issues.

    On the other hand, prescription reading glasses are designed to correct your vision and can be customized to the reading distance recommended by your doctor.

Understanding Anti-Reflective (ARC) coating: Do you need it ?

  • Anti-reflective (AR) coating is highly recommended for all glasses wearers, as it enhances lens clarity, reduces glare, and improves the appearance of your glasses. It's especially beneficial for those who spend extended periods in front of screens, drive at night, or desire a polished look. At Payne, we offer three tiers of AR coating:

    ClearVue Anti-Glare:Standard AR coating, reduces glare indoors and while driving ($3.95).

    OleoGuard Anti-Glare:Reduces glare indoors and while driving, plus oleophobic properties to repel dust and smudges ($12.95).

    CrystalClear Anti-Glare:Premium ARC with exceptional oil, dust, and water repellency, providing crystal-clear cosmetic clarity ($18.95).

    Our ordering process makes it easy to choose the right coating for your budget and lifestyle, ensuring your eyewear delivers the best performance and aesthetics.

What is digital freeform design: Do you need it?

  • Digital Freeform Design is an advanced lens technology that offers customized vision correction tailored to your individual prescription, frame choice, and visual needs.

    Unlike traditional lenses, which are often manufactured using a one-size-fits-all approach, digital freeform lenses are personalized to provide optimal clarity and comfort across the entire lens surface.

    As an online eyewear provider, we recognize the importance of providing high-quality visual solutions. That's why, during the order process, our system will recommend digital freeform design for single vision lens wearers with moderate to higher prescriptions. This innovative design significantly enhances the visual experience and ensures that your eyewear is perfectly suited to your specific needs.

    Our experts are available to guide you through the selection process and help you make an informed decision for your eyewear needs.

What are FL-41 lenses?

  • FL-41 lenses, recognized by their distinctive rose or pink tint, are designed to alleviate light sensitivity issues, including migraines, photophobia, and more. Engineered to filter specific light wavelengths, they effectively reduce glare, block harmful blue light, and enhance visual comfort. Payne Glasses offers FL-41 lenses in both indoor (50% tint) and outdoor (80% tint) solutions. These lenses provide relief for those sensitive to sources of triggering blue light, such as fluorescent lights and computer screens.

    For a more detailed look into FL-41 lenses, visit our[FL-41 landing page]. Remember to consult your eye care professional for personalized guidance on usage based on your specific needs.

Do FL-41 lenses come in prescription options?

  • FL-41 lenses can be customized to accommodate all prescription types, including single vision, non-prescription, progressive, bifocal, and readers. This allows individuals both with and without vision correction needs to enjoy the benefits of FL-41 lenses, providing relief from light sensitivity.These lenses can be fitted into both regular eyeglasses and sunglasses frames, making them versatile for various lighting conditions, whether indoors or outdoors.

Are there any side effects or limitations with FL-41 lenses?

  • FL-41 lenses are generally well-tolerated. However, some individuals may find that the pink tint affects color perception.

Is there scientific evidence supporting the benefits of FL-41 lenses for light sensitivity?

  • Yes, there is scientific research supporting the effectiveness of FL-41 lenses in reducing light sensitivity, especially for conditions like migraines, blepharospasm, and photophobia. Numerous studies have demonstrated the role of FL-41 tint in blocking specific wavelengths of light that trigger discomfort and exacerbate symptoms in sensitive individuals. While individual experiences may vary, FL-41 lenses have shown positive outcomes for many people.

Do you offer FL-41 lenses in polycarbonate material?

  • Currently, FL-41 lenses are not available in polycarbonate material as polycarbonate cannot be tinted. However, if you're looking for polycarbonate sunglasses, we do offer polarized options for your eye protection needs.

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