Blue Blockers

Blue Blocker

What are Blue Blockers?

Blue Blocker lenses filter certain wavelengths of light. This particular wavelength is especially damaging to the retina. It is found in all light sources, but in much higher concentrations in Compact Florescent bulbs and LED screens such as your laptop, tablet, phone or TV.

Blue light is harmful? To Whom?

Also known as High Energy Visible (HEV) blue lights, which can be generated indoor by most of modern digital devices such as smart phones, laptops, or outdoor by sun, can be harmful to people from different genders and ages. Have you ever felt headache, tired eyes or even blurred vision after extended time on your smart phone? Recent studies by The group of Funk (2011a) shown HEV light can cause oxidative stress within different layers of the retina… Most kids can be very quiet when they are on iPad…

Is it computer glasses?

Unlike traditional computer glasses, Blue Blockers are clear lenses with virtually no color distortion. You can wear it outdoor too to stop HEV blue lights (part of sunlight) from reaching your eyes, in addition to your indoor everyday use.

Are Blue Blockers expensive?

Our 1.56 Mid-Index Blue Blockers are available at $12.95, don’t forget the price includes standard anti-scratch and anti-reflective (anti-glare) coatings.

How to order prescription glasses with Blue Blockers?

Select your favorite frame, click on Order Glasses, Enter/Confirm your prescription (or select Non-Rx), then select CLEAR lens type, one of the recommended lens options should be Blue Blockers. You can select CUSTOMIZE to select any of the available Blue Blockers.